my “break” ended early

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  1. chamberlainpaintings says:

    Love this. The VIBE 🌟

  2. Grace Sobeck says:

    The music, the eeriness, the awkwardness, the scattered brain. EVERYTHING. Literally everything I’ve been feeling

    • Paul Donald says:

      if she kills herself cause of depression you’ll be like omg the suicidal vibes I’m like totes the same right now so everyone give me a thumbs up for feeling like Emma even though I won’t do it

    • far says:

      @Miles Doyle ok

    • far says:

      @Paul Donald …

    • Lizzie Deerest says:

      Me: “Why is everyone picking on @Miles Doyle?
      Me: *Expands the comment*
      “Oh my god that’s unacceptably long and uncalled for holy–“

    • Grace Sobeck says:

      @Paul Donald she herself said earlier this week that she is completely fine but is just taking a rest. She also spoke on her podcast on how she hates people speculating about her mental illness. She hates when people assume she’s on the verge of suicide just cuz she seems a certain way.

      The reason I commented this is to highlight the divine beauty of life and it’s connections. It’s crazy that she encapsulated exactly how I’ve been feeling so very recently. It’s amazing!

      Just food for thought. I appreciate your perspective on the situation tho!

  3. toni b says:

    I don’t know how to explain the ability that Emma has. Not in a “wow her pOwEr” kind of way; but the way in which any time she uploads, her videos are the exact mood, vibe and emotional/mental state I am either in while watching, or was in on an apparent day she was filming…idk. Collective alteration queen

  4. Izzy small says:

    “It’s not feeling like 💁‍♀️ hot, it’s feeling like 🥵 hot”
    “Do the math”

  5. Maartje says:

    The fact that she just farted and I wasn’t mad about it makes me feel like we are besties for life

  6. KAIYA NICOL says:

    seeing her fuel her body with more than just coffee makes me so happy

  7. Alejandro Sifuentes says:

    You are getting better with the drums Chamberlain!

  8. Fannie Shubov says:

    This vlog felt like a lil “personal diary” short film. I love it!

  9. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Even though I’ll miss her, I’m excited for her to take a break and come back with new better videos

  10. Young Orange says:

    She’s so dope

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