An Update On Dianna’s Health

An Update On Dianna’s Health

If you’d like to support Dianna during her recovery, you can do so here →

We just wanted to give you an update on Dianna’s health, since she’s been sick for a while and may not be returning for longer than we previously thought.

Her science videos are postponed until she can make a full recovery. We really appreciate everyone’s support here on her channel. We know Dianna wishes she could be here making videos and happily physicsing, but right now she needs to stay in bed and away from work until she makes a full recovery.

Special thank you to our X-Ray tier patrons: Steven Sorenson, Bill N, Michele Robichaux, David DiCamillo, Joe Pacheco, Anton Ragin, Lydia Fullard, zoddy, dheeraj mekala, David Johnston, Christopher Kemsley, Adrian Archuleta, Zoran Dekic, Austin Rose, Gnare, Bazinga_X, Mike Schneider, marcss, James Prokop, Carlos Patricio, Tommy Joseph, jeremy glowacki, Vishal Bedi, Matt Kaminski, Andrew Herstek, Vincent Argiro, Eddie Sabbah, Patrick Olson, Chris Wyma, Zalster, David Cichowski, Vikram Bhat, Margaux Lopez, Edi, Kenneth Hunter, Fabrice Eap

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21 Responses

  1. hbomberguy says:

    I met Dianna briefly at Vidcon in 2019. The idea of such a fun, energetic person having to endure all this is truly heartbreaking. Thank you so much for taking care of her.
    Hang in there.

  2. Mick Healey says:

    To see someone so young and full of life knocked down by Covid is heartbreaking. Get well soon Dianna.

  3. Will L says:

    As a student she has helped me and my peers so much. Very few people can explain concepts so we’ll and with such incredible energy as Dianna. I wish her the best and a speedy recovery.

  4. Stu McConnel says:

    So gut-wrenching to watch, can’t imagine how hard it is for those closest to Dianna. Hang in there everyone, hoping for a full recovery ❤

  5. drk_phoenix says:

    We need people like Dianna to serve as shining examples who continuously inspire lil-Dianna’s in our own families. Physics Girl videos are something I happily get to share with my nieces. Hope to continue sharing a lot more of them long into the future.

  6. Desmond Brambley says:

    It’s devestating to hear this update. I’m so sorry to hear Dianna is so unwell. As someone with an autoimmune disorder that has debilitating fatigue as a symptom, she has my full empathy. I hope she can get treatment to help her recover.

  7. Rick Schokman says:

    In all my 60 years of loving physics there have been few who could explain concepts like Dianna can. Here’s hoping for a complete recovery — the world needs people like you.

    • P W says:

      @fsjrps – You must have discovered Mark Rober, too, I guess? If not – he’s superb, though more engineering, really.

    • Nope says:

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    • Javelin1x says:

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    • shhhhyeahright says:

      @William K who’s an edgy boy?? Who is?? Oh it’s yoooouu! Look how edgy you are. Ohhh so edgy and smart, good boy!

    • William K says:

      @Matthew Jacobs you: let me defend that other guy by saying some true and similar things herp derp

  8. Cory Gucwa says:

    You make physics fun, something that shouldn’t be overlooked in a world of difficult things. Wishing you a full recovery so you can come back and continue your journey.

  9. CJrasp says:

    As a physicist she is one of the youtuber talking about physics that I respect the most. It’s very saddening to see someone with such a briliant mind debilitated by illness like this. It’s somehow recomforting that her husband, Simone and other friends are still with her. I wish her the best of recovery.

  10. Alexei C says:

    Feel better, Diana! We’re all rooting for you.

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