Lakers take 3-1 lead over Warriors, LeBron shines & Steph struggles late | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Lakers take 3-1 lead over Warriors, LeBron shines & Steph struggles late | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick Wright, Chris Broussard and Kevin Wildes react to the Los Angeles Lakers win vs. Golden State Warriors in Game 4. Nick, Brou and Wildes breakdown Lonnie Walker IV’s breakthrough performance, Stephen Curry’s struggles late in the game and LeBron James’ 27 point performance.

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Nick Wright, Chris Broussard, and Kevin Wildes team up on First Things First. The trio offers their take on a bevy of sports stories alongside special guests from across the sports world.

Lakers take 3-1 lead over Warriors, LeBron shines & Steph struggles late | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First

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53 Responses

  1. First Things First says:

    Check out Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe:

  2. Samki9 says:

    “You think I don’t have any toes?” Brou is a gem lmao

  3. TH. says:

    10:04 Beginning of Broussard’s toe-talk 😂 Look at how he twiddles his fingers on the table to simulate pondering how many toes down 🤣
    11:56 After some long-winded bloviation he finally drops how many toes down he is here. “One hand is off” 😂

    These dudes have become memes of themselves! Hilarious! Great show guys!

  4. Carravaggio Mikelson says:

    Broussard face to wildes saying its Wiggins fault 💀😭😂😂

  5. ThrawnCaedus L says:

    I love how the hardest part of Wildes’ job has become keeping all of the catchphrases and taglines straight.

  6. Commando Marco²¹ says:

    Give credit to Lonnie Walker for staying engage and being a professional even though he fell out of the rotation

  7. Bamahz says:

    Seeing Warriors fans complain about steph having no help against lebron is SO SATSIFYING

  8. Suavemente says:

    Thank you Brou, the media would be killing Bron for missing those shots in the clutch!!

    • Crius XI says:

      Bron would make the game winning pass and people would still have a problem with it

    • True Grit says:

      100%, meanwhile Steph Curry is just awful all the time, and nobody says a word. He is particularly bad in the playoffs and in the clutch

    • Nathanael Johnson Jr says:

      IT’S OVER !!!

    • Christian Cantu says:

      @True Grit I do believe Curry gets favorable treatment in the media compared to LeBron, but “awful all the time”? Dealing in absolutes like that is pretty foolish talk.

    • Baste God says:

      Lebron has shot the ball terribly all series and it’s either crickets, or every click bait title like this one, “..Lebron shines”, yeah he hasn’t shined, outside of a few plays here and there. He’s been carried the entire playoffs. Most of you act lie there’s some grand media conspiracy against Lebron, when in fact, he’s still the face of the league and every media outlet actually shields him from any real criticism.

  9. Dats a paddlin says:

    If the Warriors try to play that small ball line up again I don’t know if that will get it done because the Lakers defense will know what to expect in the next game.

  10. Dick Dingwiza says:

    That’s the part that bothers me too. Over the last 6 or 7 yrs we’ve had powerful media personalities pushing narratives that Kahwi, KD and Steph have overtaken LeBron YET refusing to judge them by the standards they hold LeBron to. Steph is no doubt the better player NOW but any talk of him being ranked above LbJ all time is just prisoner-of-the-moment madness

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