Antonio Brown CUT BY BUCCANEERS after leaving mid-game against Jets | CBS Sports HQ

Antonio Brown CUT BY BUCCANEERS after leaving mid-game against Jets | CBS Sports HQ

The CBS Sports HQ NFL crew shares their instant reaction to Bucs coach Bruce Arians saying Antonio Brown is no longer a member of the team after his latest outburst.


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52 Responses

  1. Hiluxtaco says:

    That is the craziest thing that I have ever seen happen during an NFL game…

  2. Razorbak says:

    AB getting a head start on the car traffic.

  3. WarmBeer Gaming Dude says:

    When i saw Antonio and Le’veon dapping it up i knew it was over.

    • WarmBeer Gaming Dude says:

      @Jae KiDd N His 508Cents their time in Pittsburgh together was highly noted. Le’veon made a break and Antonio came over dapped him up and was talking shit lol I literally said out loud this nigga think he in Pittsburgh. AB was wiping his nose and all that, he was feeling himself too much.

    • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents says:

      @WarmBeer Gaming Dude word i appreciate that my g
      That’s all I was trying 2 figure out cus I wasn’t hip 2 that or forgotten about it
      Yeah he definitely played him self smh

    • Joseph Lanza says:

      @Cthulhu 🤡

    • Cthulhu says:

      @Joseph Lanza hope you get rich and have a happy life

    • WarmBeer Gaming Dude says:

      @Cthulhu wow the high road taken? On the internet! There is hope for mankind and it starts with you cuthulu

  4. Bruno Santos says:

    Classic case of self-sabotage. He doesn’t seem to be able to accept his amazing athletic gifts and clearly lacks the mental makeup of a high level competitor. Consequently, he acts up as a coping mechanism. Quite sad, actually. Would be great to see him overcome his difficulties.

    • Steve Woodson says:

      Cooking the books

    • ScooterWallace says:

      Why pitty a clown? He quit on two teams? He is a POS dude. Cmon now

    • ScooterWallace says:

      @joe Shmo ok? Still don’t act like a clown tho. I’m sorry that’s not an excuse for quitting on two teams

    • Bruvva says:

      @ScooterWallace You obviously have never dealt with someone dealing with mental health issues, AB needs help because CTE has caused people to commit suicide in the past.

    • Matt Bradford says:

      This was a typical staged event. It’s chum in the water for the media d’bags who don’t have enough drama to report this week. Most games were very boring with most playoff spots and fates wrapped up. To prove it was all staged by many actors, it was reported he was cut a few minutes after it happened. Just another nothing story about athletes who empty and void of integrity and much less talented than those of previous eras.

  5. Richard Bradley says:

    If anyone said a player today a player will quit during the game, take off his shirt and just walk away….98% of us would have said AB

  6. T BigKee says:

    If it was an off the field incident, I would say no. But to quit on your team mid-game, this is absolutely his last game as an NFL player. Smh

  7. Gary K says:

    Some people just don’t realize how good they have it. Nobody is going to sign him now.
    He’s can’t get out of his own way. Whether he can help it or not, I don’t care. He’s been given every second chance in the world.

    • Antjuan Prince says:

      he would’ve gotten a

      $333,333 bonus for 1 more receiving TD

      $333,333 55 more receiving yards

      And last incentive

      $333,333 for 8 more receptions…….


    • Bob The Breaker says:

      *josh gordon laughs with 6 weed suspensions on his resume*

    • ScooterWallace says:

      He’s been on 4 teams in like 3 years lol

      Quit on two teams and people have the Gaul to pitty him? 😂

  8. P. Vaam Moos Xiong says:

    I was surprised the Bucs didn’t get penalized for too many men on the field when it happened.

    • WishingStone says:

      NFL was to shocked by AB behavior to penalize them. Then they didnt want to penalize them for correctly fixing the circus that took place.

    • TheComicBookLowdown says:

      Once the guy takes off his jersey and is walking off the field like that I don’t know if you can even consider him as part of any team. Even security was confused initially thinking he was some type of streaker. AB definitely needs regular mental health therapy and needs to be away from the spotlight. Easier said than done with all the charges he’s still facing.

    • 117swordsmen says:

      He wasn’t wearing pads, wasn’t interfering with the play. So he’s good. Just let the man leave. No need to flag him as he’s jogging off to the locker room he’s already ejected himself from the game.

    • EMS says:

      @WishingStone *too

    • Nunya Bidnis says:

      It was 11 men and one spoiled child.

  9. Scott Farnsworth says:

    That was great! Let him on another team and would love to see it again!

    • nekad2000 says:

      Think of this from an employer perspective. Why did you leave your previous position? Well I threw a temper tantrum, took off my uniform, and ran off the field. Wow, hired. Nobody would want this player, no matter how good he is

    • Scott Farnsworth says:

      @nekad2000 I would take him in a heartbeat… the league is too stufy.

    • Sweaty Baloney says:

      I’d bet the Lions or Jags would jump at the chance to sign him.

      Just look at TO. All the shit he did and he still played for like half of the teams in the league.

  10. A.A. S. says:

    Congrats Antonio. It’s really heart warming to see a KD doing everything they can to clear it. Spiritualists are aware and proud of you. You have the most difficult one and we are all excited to see how you work through it so that we might learn new ways to clear the 16. You really are cutting the path for future 16’s. God bless you.

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