Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Pitch Meeting

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Pitch Meeting

Step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom!

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It’s crazy to think that in a decade, we witnessed the rise and fall of the DC Extended Universe. With occasional hits like Wonder Woman and Aquaman, accompanied by LOTS of flops like Black Adam, Shazam 2, Blue Beetle, The Flash, Suicide Squad and more… this was kind of inevitable.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom definitely raises some questions. Like did we just Ctrl-Z Aquaman’s growth from the last movie? Why is Arthur making Goofy noises? Where’s the Justice League when you need them?

To answer all these questions, check out the pitch meeting that led to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom!

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44 Responses

  1. @secondchance6603 says:

    That ending… absolutely BRUTAL lol.

  2. @brianfuller757 says:

    Ryan is still killing it in 2023. The pitch meetings are actually more entertaining than most of the actual movies.

  3. @alexdenton374 says:

    The best way I can describe this movie is that it’s better than spending 2 hours scrolling through social media but worse than going on a walk without headphones or music.

    • @samblack5313 says:

      Mmmmmmmmnah, BECAUSE I can use the money I would have spent on a ticket, to buy food that I eat while I scroll my phone.

      That’s a much better time. I’d probably get tacos, but nachos would also be tasty. Or maybe a pizza.

    • @bencressman6110 says:

      I love how this wasn’t a joke, just a considerate ranking of how enjoyable the movie was 😂

    • @loke6664 says:

      My description would be “Meh”. It isn’t so bad that it makes me physically ill like the Marvels but it is just a waste of time, like most Hollywood movies from 2023.

    • @ChiefOfMessenger says:

      It gave me severe Thor dark world vibes but this time environment

    • @nisonatic says:

      I think this is the most plausible movie review I’ve ever read.

  4. @andrewkorchowsky8421 says:

    Honestly, I don’t think people are fatigued with superheroes so much as they are fatigued with terrible movies…

    • @Boeing-777-X says:

      They’re fatigued indeed.

      It’s pretty simple to notice this. Until 2019 any super hero movie would easily make 500 million dollars of box office or more, no matter how terrible the movie was.

      Venom 1 made 800 million and Aquaman 1 made a billion in 2018 lol.

      Very few super hero films were box office failures then.

      Now, even the good ones are not able to reach the billion. Guardians 3 or Spiderverse 2 are amazing, but they just did “alright” at BO.

      Since 2019, the only exception was No Way Home with nearly 2 billion dollars.

    • @mattphillips3537 says:

      It’s a bit of both, The Suicide Squad wasn’t terrible but it didn’t fill me with a strong desire to see what DC had planned next. Blue Beatle didn’t look like it had anything wrong with it either, I probably would’ve checked that out if it wasn’t for superhero fatigue.

    • @bricelory9534 says:

      Over saturating a market is a very real thing. I think for many people, superheroes are a nice diversion now and again – but the market that wants them to be the only media they consume is much smaller than the studios seem to have expected. And because they believed demand was so high, they rushed the movies again and again, which then led to formulaic or nonsensical plots, very bland characters and dialog, and over-reliance on the overworked VFX industry. And the bad quality and over-saturation spent up a lot of the good will they had created with a lot of people, I think.

      It doesn’t help that it seems like many of the heroes are being written to be pretty interchangeable these days. Early MCU was pretty simple in their personalities and motivations, but they were definitely distinct. But, for the MCU at least, it’s like they want to make all their heroes either Iron Man or Captain America, or both, while also forgetting that hero role and personality are not the same thing.

      I’ve not watched DCEU for a long time, but felt a similar thing that none of their heroes were either solidly their own character and thus were pretty much interchangeable. And so I just didn’t care about any of their stories.

    • @lowkeylokii4205 says:

      Season 2 loki was great

    • @ericb9804 says:

      We always want something new. Superhero movies aren’t new anymore.

  5. @Ladykyra101 says:

    The ending, tho. Complete Savagery, Ryan. Just slayed us with the facts. 😂😂😂

  6. @uncleiroh259 says:

    “Blood magic is the bloodiest kind of magic”… that one got me real good 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. @The_Phantasm says:

    I’d love to see Ryan make a pitch meeting for the entire failed DCEU. Not the individual movies but their general universe and how it came to be and its many flaws.

  8. @hydrocannons7573 says:

    It still baffles me how could the DCEU fail this hard when they had the perfect blueprint to follow, the perfect shared universe to emulate: the DCAU. Why weren’t DCAU creators like Bruce Timm and Paul Dini were involved in at least the planning stage is beyond me.

    • @protorhinocerator142 says:

      Because reasons

    • @perceivedvelocity9914 says:

      Because they don’t respect cartoons

    • @Roronoa2zoro says:

      Because they just worked on silly cartoons which, as everyone knows, are just for kids, while the DCEU was supposed to be real cinema.
      I’m like 99% sure this was the thinking behind that.

    • @samblack5313 says:

      Because the message.

    • @hydrocannons7573 says:

      @@Roronoa2zoro I think you’re right, it had to be arrogance and hubris. What they failed to understand that those silly cartoons have an enduring legacy for a reason. We took it seriously because it took us seriously, they very deliberately did not write them like saturday morning cartoons. Hell, the beloved Cadmus arc of Justice League Unlimited was some hardcore cold war shit between the Justice League and the US government. Something like that would have been awesome on the silver screen if handled right.

  9. @charlesrobert-stafford4826 says:

    I had such high expectations for this Pitch Meeting and I was not disappointed

  10. @josiahphillips7966 says:

    By far this is the funniest pitch meeting. I died laughing at the end when you showed everything that went wrong. 😂🤣💀

    • @realitymatters4745 says:

      I honestly think the fantastic beasts 2 when he was doing the crab walk is the funniest one I fall over every time you should check it out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤ that and the one he did on the teenage high School love story with the wolf and vampire I can’t remember the name I it was funny the way he was talking about the shiny skin on the vampires who were trying to be teenagers
      (Twilight is the Show)😢😂😢😂😢

    • @josiahphillips7966 says:

      @@realitymatters4745 that one is a good one too🤣💀

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