Ariel Helwani, Chael Sonnen Clash Over Francis Ngannou Pay | The MMA Hour

Ariel Helwani, Chael Sonnen Clash Over Francis Ngannou Pay | The MMA Hour

Chael Sonnen discusses the Fury vs. Ngannou clash, how much Francis Ngannou really made, what could be next for Ngannou, and more.

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40 Responses

  1. Traypeats says:

    I love watching these ariel vs chael segments 😂 its like danas biggest fan vs danas biggest hater

  2. K Petter says:

    Ariel trying to pretend like the reason he supported Francis isn’t because he hates Dana is absolutely wild.

  3. aidan bagwell says:

    Best part about this interview is u can tell they’re both trying to make eachother mad 😂

    • Mal Theri says:

      Ariel definitely won the war Chael didn’t come prepared at all

    • Omar M. says:

      @Mal Theridude even said it himself that he had no idea the conversation was going to be a debate and thought they were going to celebrate the fight and recap fight news lol Ariel off the bat started roasting him

  4. Ben says:

    “We ShOcKeD tHe WoRlD.” Ariel really trying to steal some credit from Francis’ moment…. Ariel has shocked no one, ever, period. And damn does his voice squeek a lot especially when he tries to get loud

  5. Du Ka says:

    Ariel: Francis made the “right” decision by becoming a free agent.
    Chael: Just because it “worked” for Francis doesn’t mean it was the “right” decision.
    Ariel: But it “worked”, so it was “right”.
    Chael: Just because it “worked” doesn’t always mean it was the “right” choice.

    • nathan kew says:

      Exactly what happened, Ariel is just obsessed with 10-8 ing people and it’s gotten to his head and he’s just worms his way through conversations and situations to get his ego boost. Seeing how he’s been exponentially getting worse over the past year with his ego, sits and hides on his show and worms his way with words. Jamahal hill is right about him. He’s slimy and I can’t stand him anymore. He’s using what we know now after to get off over the fact that “he was right” but his whole shtick before the event was because he hates Dana and ufc

    • MindYoBeeswax says:

      Chael’s a company suck up posing as an alpha.

    • nathan kew says:

      And his whole point of the Saudis being the new rules. That’s only in Francis court, the opponents he’d potentially be fighting are all boxers signed under the other promotors who don’t want their signed fighters losing stock or face so the old standard still applies because they wouldn’t want to risk it. Chael is right

    • shotaro kaneda says:


    • LARGER THAN says:

      50 mins TLDR

  6. Mr. K says:

    29:52 “You came out here and tried to tell your audience that Francis is now a promoter. Really Ariel? .….. He filled out a piece of paper and wrote ‘Promotions’ on it!” 😂😂😂😂

    • Nate L says:

      Yes, which Ariel is correct, lol production and promotion aren’t the same thing. The UFC uses EPSN, chael just mad he never got this kind of money and has to beg for crumbs. Big Mad he was wrong, can’t admit it.

    • Omar M. says:

      @Nate Lidk sounded like Chael made decent money from the fight game, dude aint struggling lol

  7. G M says:

    “I could be wrong.” That’s the closest Chael will come to admitting he was wrong. 😂

  8. Hispano Parlante16 says:

    The real problem I see in here is the fact that future super fights between mma and boxers will be way more complicated to do. I dont think any boxer, promotion or organization will be happy to risk their fighters and reputation to do this. They made it thinking Fury was going to knock out Francis in the first couple of rounds and they will call it a night, instead Francis knocked him down, made boxing to look horrible at the eyes of many, and most important, probably ruined the Usyk fight, which by the way, was already agreed by both parties. And I dont know what the PFL put in the contract, but I am sure they will not be too happy with it neither, it sure made Francis more famous, but, how do you convince the guy to fight in MMA rules and promote your promotion (ironic right?) if he found out he can actually box? Its a tricky situation.

    • Beede Bawng says:

      The PFL is run by an excellent individual. He’ll figure out an appropriate subsequent step.

    • Hispano Parlante16 says:

      @Beede Bawng he can change the business model and just make a profit of Francis boxing career. The problem here is that no boxing star would like to fight Francis, boxing is an incredible messy industry, they all talk the talk but almost never walk the walk. I still need to see Joshua or Wilder accepting the fight and actually fighting. Plus, Francis is not a big star, yes, he is way more famous now, but his ability to sell a fight is still questionable. I like the guy, I wish he gets a big fight again, but who knows.

    • Hispano Parlante16 says:

      @Beede Bawng plus, it depends where the problem is. Is it a money thing? Is it a respect thing? For Francis sure it is a matter of respect, but for the PFL and other organizations is not; money talks.

  9. MB Films says:

    I remember back in the days when Ariel was doing interviews with Chael and didn’t wanted to get him angry. Right here you can tell he not anymore

  10. LeodestSon says:

    He wasn’t missing the point.. He was dodging it

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