UFC 278: Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC 278: Post-Fight Press Conference

Following UFC 278, tune in to the Post-Fight Press Conference to hear the athletes take questions from the media.

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41 Responses

  1. Steven Allan says:

    I actually shed tears of joy for Edwards. That’s was one of the cleanest head kicks I’ve seen. Bravo champ!

    • The watcher says:

      @bryan pinto well funny.

    • xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx says:

      That was a Mirko cro cop textbook knockout but even better !!! 🔥🔥

    • Jixxy Trix says:

      Haha, we’re a weird bunch, us mma fans. A guy gets kicked in the head, rendered unconscious and my man Steven weeps out of joy. Hahaha…

    • Entregas rapidas E transportes LTDA says:

      4.04 seg destino puro podem olhar 0 número 4 significa destino o cara mato o usman no 4.04 pra acabar a luta Deus seja louvado ele merece usman se achando d mais MT deshulimilde

  2. Kumar Amber says:

    I don’t know whether everyone agrees with me or not on this but the way Leon said ” look at me now” gave me chills straightaway..what a KO👏

  3. John D says:

    For people wondering, the wrap Luke had on his leg is to cover and protect the skin graft he had following a staph infection in 2018. The guy fought an absolute banger, went out on his shield with a top guy, what a warrior, but he’s done. Thanks for the memories Samurai

    • xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx says:

      @Kusunoki SG normally snooze fest means a boring fight.. like in context Israel’s last 4 fights were a “snooze fest” 😂

    • Kusunoki SG says:

      @xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx I mean he was snoozing his blood all over costa

      I guess I worded it wrong ahahah

      Man’s a warrior I don’t doubt him

    • Slavko Fedorec says:

      Was sad watching Luke hang it up truly emotional

    • xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx says:

      @Kusunoki SG lmao don’t be a fool that was a great fight dude. Guy had a smashed nose and couldn’t breathe and he still fought till the very end

  4. Jay Poirier says:

    Luke did way better against Costa than I expected. Dudes a legend

  5. BJJSubArtist says:

    KO of the year, comeback of the year, an all-time head kick. Leon Rocky Edwards.

    • Stephen Hughes says:

      ​@•allstopblue • Edwards ain’t boring. Just that fact that he is English means it isn’t boring to be champ (because of how much of a disadvantage we are at with grappling). Add to that his story, and the fact that he just comes across as calm and authentic, which is a breath of fresh air compared to people like Usman who just has a huge ego. Definitely not a boring champ. Especially after that victory.

    • Stephen Hughes says:

      ​@FiveBucks Chandler knockout was brutal. This was a little less brutal, but considering the circumstances: 1 min left in the 5th round, about to lose 4-1, looked like he had given up long ago, against the #1 pound for pound fighter, 99% of people didn’t think Edwards could do it- then bam. It wins it.

    • Ninten2 Melonjuice says:

      Marty could take a ride in the Dolorian, kiss his mother and change the outcome.

    • justin sane says:

      @Chris Kramp shadow realm yes

    • ben peterson says:

      @TheChosenMoose it’s the facts it was against the P4P, for the title , and in the 5th rd with LIMITED time for me

  6. riseofazrael says:

    Having recently learned about Leon’s upbringing and background I can’t help but be really happy for the guy. To come from the hardships he’s faced in life to willing himself to the UFC title is an incredibly inspiring journey. Props to Leon for pulling it off when so many, including myself, had written him off. What a comeback, what a KO, what a career he’s had. England’s got themselves another champ to be proud of.

  7. Mike Tabisz says:

    Much respect to Costa for trying to speak English as much as he knows how, even asking about certain words👏 also I really liked the transparency when talking about his contract and showing respect to the UFC

  8. Nic Slayer says:

    Man leon is literally the realest to do it. So proud of him. Even when he took the cheap shot 3 piece from jorge masvidal, he kept his chin down and kept looking forward with relatively little to say or retaliate. A true champion and role model of a man.

  9. Javier Rodriguez says:

    For some reason, this is one of the most inspiring victories I’ve watched.

    1. Leon Edward’s
    2. Holly Holm vs Rousey
    3. Lyoto Machida vs Rashad
    4. GSP vs M. Hughes 2

    Ironically, the first two were Victories with brutal headkicks, but all 4 winners are humble, hard-working people.

    Congrats Leon.

    • Sean Quade says:

      It was a great one, but still pales in comparison to Bisping’s win over Rockhold, imo…

    • Jose Martinez says:

      Man Lyoto MERKED Rashad!! He was so good in that fight

    • SergiuNw says:

      nunes pena???

    • MEPP says:

      @Javier Rodriguez Fair enough

    • Javier Rodriguez says:

      @MEPP probably is just me, but usually i try to feel empathy towards fighters after they suffer brutal kos or submissions. Its a tough sport and you hope everyones alright in the end.

      For me, the irony is that those headkicks I’ve listed, they just felt good (no empathy) despite the violent nature of the outcome.

      So when empathy should be more present, Ironically, it isn’t.

  10. GanjaDan says:

    LOOK AT HIM NOWWWW. Everyone says he’s boring and doesn’t do enough on the mic. Then he drops a legendary post fight speech, after a legendary finish

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