Little Prince Gameplay

Little Prince Gameplay

Little Prince and Guardian ability gameplay with @clashwithshane

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#ojgaming #supercellpartner

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51 Responses

  1. Kyouno says:

    It felt like the Little Prince and the Guardian is added alongside the evolution archer in order to counter the said archers in x bow decks

  2. M.R.P_Luchino(ルキノ) says:

    The knockback from the guardian is crazy

  3. Is_This_Illegal says:

    Little prince looks like a fan concept that made it into the game

  4. Corey says:

    Honestly what’s very interesting is what we could’ve gotten instead of little prince because of the fact the little prince stole the scroll to be a champion in the reveal video.

  5. AberrantReptile says:

    The core design of the little prince is pretty cool, greatly rewarding good positioning with both the damage ramp up and the guardian charge

    • Drago nero says:

      2.6 users will enjoy this little guy

    • Aydinovski says:

      Dude its literally just a re-skin of a knight with a dash and a dart goblin with a bit more hp 💀

    • AberrantReptile says:

      @Aydinovski you could simplify pretty much anything down to that level, that’s not an argument. And as far as arguments go, that’s just incorrect as well, both the attack speed and the charge work distinctly differently then both of those cards.

    • FunkMachine says:

      ​@Aydinovskidude wtf is lumberjack this is literally just a mini Pekka who drops rage

    • PansyPops says:

      In terms of appearance alone, Guardienne is a living Skeleton King. It has very similar armour, similar weapon style (heavy 2 handed), and a similar cape (even filling a similar role of a tank). That’s not a bad thing either, it adds a bit more lore to theorise with to the game for those of us interested.

  6. Alan says:

    It’s a knight that is both larger, does splash damage and spawns in attacking surrounding enemies and getting very close to the towers.

  7. nameless says:

    Hopefully this doesn’t turn into the monk/phoenix meta again😂

  8. Mr Awesome says:

    He’s basically dart goblins plus knight. Looks good in bridge spam decks I agree.

    • Jakub Malinowski says:

      dart goblin but better since he survives fireball
      i think thats gonna be a death of dart goblin

    • Decaycrazz says:

      ​@jakubmalinowski1474 dart goblin is used because of attack and movement speed, it probably won’t die but might see a little bit less play. I think little prince could replace musketeer they both survive fireball but little prince is one less elixir

    • Drago nero says:

      @Decaycrazz the 2.6 and the 2.8 are going to be interesting to see how they will work , in an already fast cycle one less card that not only will survive the fire ball but can also call a tank that will force the opponent to act and lose elisir

    • Decaycrazz says:

      @Drago nero I could definitely see it replacing musketeer in 2.6, this might be the start of hog 2.5, but I don’t think it would be put in 2.8 because evo firecracker is really good

  9. AirCons Gaming says:

    We can all probably assume that Oj abandoned his time machine and finally engage in real life

  10. Hypenage says:

    I feel like he needs to spawn the guardian in the direction he is facing, it would almost be more effective at countering or attacking what he is attacking, but could be confusing because it would lead to the ability’s outcome being different every time if the direction pushed changes. Kind of split on this mechanic and the way it’s currently implemented

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