Xbox Partner Preview

Xbox Partner Preview

Join us for a quick-hitting, ~30-minute show featuring new trailers, updates, and gameplay from our creative partners around the world.

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17 Responses

  1. Go Phish says:

    It’s really crazy how some of these studios become known for specific games and genres and then they make something completely out of left field and it leaves you like wow I didn’t think it possible for the makers of power washer to make an action/parkour looking fighting game 😅. Same with playground making fable. I’m here for the attempt 👍🏾

  2. GamingIsLife(Untitled Game Project in works) says:

    Impressed with Ikaro Will Not Die. Would love to see more of Still Wakes the Deep.

  3. theduckofdeath says:

    Good of them to do the halfway (and final) recap, so the early games don’t get forgotten.

  4. 8Paul7 says:

    That was great showcase, stylish presentation, good music, and games actually look good for once.

  5. Alex McDaniel says:

    Metal gear has me hyped up can’t wait to see the final product. Robocop looks pretty good as well. Very happy with this game show so far and they are bring back Alan wake looks amazing. Team Xbox for life.

  6. Yesteryearr says:

    What an INCREDIBLE surprise show! A+! Even games I don’t normally play blew me away!

  7. Salamandragamer3(AO) says:

    Impressive showcase in good style with amizing news!

  8. Sybir says:

    Decent format. Variety showing. Good look.

  9. Kyril1217 says:

    Great line up of Showcases, great work👍

  10. Razer says:

    Hope you guys eventually bring back Prototype. It could be the answer to Sony’s Spider Man.

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