Ashanti Proves Why She’s The Lady Of Soul With A Medley Of Her Greatest Hits | Soul Train Awards ’21

Ashanti Proves Why She’s The Lady Of Soul With A Medley Of Her Greatest Hits | Soul Train Awards ’21

The 2021 Lady of Soul, Ashanti shut down the Soul Train Awards stage with performances of her greatest hits including “Baby,” “Happy,” “Always On Time,” “The Way That I Love You,” and so many others. #SoulTrainAwards #SoulTrainAwards21 #Ashanti #LadyofSoul


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39 Responses

  1. Dawn Davis says:

    Sang Girl Sang…I hate when ppl like her don’t get the attention that she deserves… you go girl

    • Ken says:

      She got all the attention she deserved. We still love her. It’s just a different era. She can’t be on top of the game all her life. It’s just how life works

    • Cortez Miller says:

      @truth hurts She can sing, you just like her singing which is fine and your opinion. Everybody isn’t going sound like the next one, which is small minded thinking!

    • Shamell says:

      @Cortez Miller lol ignore him he’s commenting on any comment that compliments Ashanti

    • Asha Sun says:

      She had attention but when murder ink fell off she fell too

  2. Tai-ru says:

    This is the best version of Ashanti: Looks, singing, stage presence, charisma ect. So many yrs after her debut. WOW!!

  3. Ben Frankss says:

    Ashanti & Ja Rule’s chemistry has given us some of the best songs to date! They just FIT, musically. I’m also glad she’s getting her flowers because she truly deserves it.

  4. Jazzbo says:

    Ashanti deserved that award. She was so beautiful, so elegant, so eloquent, she sang and moved across that stage well. I really missed her. Oh, her hair and make up were on point. She looked like royalty in her black, bellowing gown. Her performance outfit showed just enough. What a class act.

    • Anne Day says:

      She really did her thing!

    • Leta Neal says:

      She looked so good I have not seen her a long time deserved it look were she started from when she first started she was always with ja rule that was awesome when fat Joe and ja rule had came out I know if something happened to ja rule that would destroyed her congratulations Ashanti it was awesome to see you again you earned all the repeat that you got last night I’m so proud of you my auntie is a big fan of you baby girl I love you so much keep on doing what you doing and be safe

  5. mr bezo says:

    Amazing woman…no scandals,no drama, she’s just a pure queen with a perfect smile..

  6. Queen KCB says:

    She killed it and put on a stellar performance. She came prepared and understood the title, award, and assignment. She glowed and looked fierce. Her mom crying was everything.

  7. Malika Sampson says:

    Shame on all who tried to keep this beautiful queen down. Can’t stop her shine 💫💫💫💫💫

  8. Me and my 2cents says:

    She’s having a blast and the audience is rocking with her! Luv it. She looks and sounds fantastic!!!

  9. srl says:

    I love Ashanti…always have. She’s a woman who never was involved in any controversy…a classy and jazzy Lady..frfr greatness

  10. Jzon Azari says:

    People forget that Ashanti use to run the charts. Glad she is getting the recognition and to still give today’s artists a run for their money makes moments like this even more enjoyable.

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