Bayern vs. Villarreal: Extended Highlights | UCL Quarter-Finals – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Bayern vs. Villarreal: Extended Highlights | UCL Quarter-Finals – Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Extended Highlights, Presented By Heineken

The pragmatic defending of Villarreal delivered FC Bayern their first defeat this Champions League. Will Lewandowski and the Bavarians rebound in Munich?

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50 Responses

  1. The Wumpus says:

    What a team! Villarreals whole population would have fit in Bayern’s stadium!

    • luis echeverria says:

      @Nuhash Ahmed They played really the first game. They should have won 3-0. I knew iñ Munich they will have to defend more. They did a good job. If they had played attacking all game Bayern will have killed them in this game.

    • Nuhash Ahmed says:

      @Kevin Lujan They don’t play like Atlectico! Just because they parked the bus here doesn’t mean this is there natural game!

    • T Greco says:


  2. SheriffShereef says:

    Chuckawaze’s finish was perfect considering the angle and position of the keeper and defender, not sure if he meant to do it but the ball bounce was sublime, UCL miracles!!

    • Aidan Vitticore says:

      @Spikey Plenty of people use that shot technique

    • click click says:

      @Marc Nelson that’s the skill, knowledge, experience and institution from doing an activity many times. For him and Ozil its seeing and recognizing the flight ,speed trajectory of the balk and seeing how the surface is playing, it then become automatic to play like that. I am sure in your life you also do some things by instinct that others will say it’s a mistake or luck. Your life have prepared you and you react…. as I said before Ozil does the same thing multiple times and when he did it at first commentators thought it was a miskick. Then they realize he scores many goals like that. Have a great day

    • Enrique Campos-Nanez says:

      Ozil technique

    • SilentAvenger says:

      @Marc Nelson agreed

    • Marc Nelson says:

      He would’ve had to anticipated a the slightest skips on the ball from the ground. I don’t think he meant it, but he knew to hit the top of the ball ( better than skying it)

  3. spaceturtle69😶 says:

    This is turning into one of the greatest underdog runs in recent memory

  4. Ziyad Karim says:

    Villarreal’s fighting spirit is unmatched. This might actually be the last season Albiol features in the Champions League, and you can see how he wanted it more than anyone in this game.
    Villareal should teach Atletico Madrid how to play defensively with counter attack.

    • Elijah Gonzalez says:

      @Invaluable GOAT Sterling finally someone said it, felipe is one of the worst defenders i’ve ever seen 😭😭 hermoso is also awful. reinaldo is reckless but he’s fine. savic can be very good and gimenez is a great defender

    • Julius Lopez says:

      @Phoenix-King 77 get back at me tomorrow after they lose

    • Joseph Adesanya says:

      @Invaluable GOAT Sterling felipe is the violent south american version of maguire

  5. Chilled Llama says:

    Im so happy for Villareal and Unai Emery. Since the final in Europa League you can tell Unai installed this winning mindset and competitive side to Villareal. To get in semi Finals in itself is already a victory for the club!

    • DDeglane16 says:

      @prs Should be fairly obvious but in case you didn’t know, playing on multiple fronts is extremely exhausting, physically mentally and emotionally. Teams and players only have a finite amount of energy and concentration, and are often forced to either focus more on one tournament than the other(s), or spread that energy somewhat evenly but accept the higher risk of losing everything. And that isn’t even considering the different mental challenge that a league tournament brings versus a knockout tournament (marathon vs do or die).

      So are you telling me that you’re surprised that a Europa league calibre team with the financial means of a low-table PL team club is struggling to juggle an incredibly competitive and difficult league marathon with a deep champions league run against some of the wealthiest, most powerful clubs in Europe? Or do you somehow not see the tough, gritty winning mentality on display when Villarreal eliminated Atalanta, Juventus, and Bayern?

    • Marc Lalogia says:

      Go cry 😭

    • EDISON GAPE says:

      @prs The winning mindset is their ability to show up in these big games and play above expectations, but I agree, they haven’t been great in La Liga and that goes to show that the UCL is about intensity and mentality, not skill.

    • ShrøømPizza says:

      @prs you know why? Bc Spanish league rn is the most competitive next to the premier, almost ever team are solid overall

    • prs says:

      > winning mindset

      Dude they are 7th in La Liga right now. What kind of winning mindset are you talking about? Sneaking 1-0 wins once in a while is not a winning mindset, and regular season exposes that like no other.

  6. Serge says:

    Villarreal since last year was showing their big ambition as a team. Unai Emery is the MAESTRO! Hopefully they will made it to the final.

    • EpicVlogger says:

      Emery – the man who Arsenal let go. Won the Europa league and now semi finals of UCL. Maybe arsenal should have shown some patience. Maybe. A really good coach.

    • Doozie Slime says:

      @Leo LeBleu After Bayern clapping in the
      round of 16. Ppl thought it’s over for Villarreal. Now look they eliminated them. Liverpool are doing really well tho, the only team that can really beat them is Man City.

    • sublime says:

      I hope emery can become Villarreal’s Simeone.

    • Adam Sandoval says:

      @Leo LeBleu we said that about Bayern

    • Leo LeBleu says:

      @Max Desmangles yeah, but I think it will be a walk in the park for liverpool.

  7. Lostboy 17 says:

    This Villarreal team is something special , what Unai Emery has done is simply amazing 🤩 hopefully they can reach the final !

  8. Arcitek says:

    This has been the saddest moment for me as a Bayern fan, but still, huge congrats to Villarreal, what an underdog team! Amazing games so far in the UCL.

    • shzrds says:

      @Hung Phan LMFAO bro i get that bundesliga is not as good as epl but saying that bayern is worse than man united is outrageous

    • Hung Phan says:

      that’s so so embarrassing and shameful to lose over Villareal. Now we are even worse than Man Utd. Let’s see 2 matches of MU-Villareal this year and Bayern’s players should thank god that they played in Bundesliga instead of Premier league.

      I can hardly accept the fact that Bayern was worse than Man utf

    • Hung Phan says:

      @Ant and you will be disappointed next match. Villareal stands no chance against Liverpool.

    • olney28 says:

      @PyroMiniYak 21 how? They’re one of like three teams ever to win a sextuple and the have the third most Champions league trophies.

    • Ant says:

      I like both Bayern and Villarreal so I’m happy to one of them in the semi’s. I hope Villarreal can win it

  9. Widvens Thezard says:

    I told them ignorant Villarreal are the deal this season technically, tactically and mentally…….💛 hopefully they’ll win it this year🤞🏼

  10. Santiago Chilla says:

    This is still like a dream to me.
    Being a Real Madrid fan, I’m so delighted to see Villarreal knockout one of the greatest teams in history. Congratulations Villarreal, you made history.

    • Cahhtii:) says:

      @800 IQ ya remember when Bayern got eliminated from UCL by a la liga bottom feeder team, lol cuz we all remember that one too

    • Santiago Chilla says:

      @R Munthe • 9 tahun yang lalu 😂😂😂 because Barca never support Real Madrid.

    • R Munthe • 9 tahun yang lalu says:

      Well we should support every laliga teams except for Barca😂😂

    • 800 IQ says:

      Everyone loves the underdog story. Remember everyone being amazed at Sheriff nabbing a win against Madrid. Remember that one

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