Reacting to my Wife’s baby memes

Reacting to my Wife’s baby memes

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37 Responses

  1. CinnamonToastKen says:

    Dad jokes hit different now

  2. cool beans says:

    Marzia’s taste in cursed baby memes is impeccable

  3. Sanish Kumar says:

    The way theyre still having fun together as dads is so wholesome

  4. Ruthanne Marie says:

    As a nanny. Watching Felix understand the struggles of caring for a child make me smile so wide. He’s come so far

  5. Daniella_miranda's Ways says:

    ken was just so happy he get to have someone to laugh with him at babies’ cuteness & suffrage 😂

  6. Ron Anbani says:

    Watching pewdiepie grow up from “Fridays with pewdiepie” to Father Time is wholesome

  7. Whosabi says:

    ken and felix’s collab are next level, their IQ drops by 70% when they’re together lmaoooo absolutely hilarious

  8. Heisenberg says:

    Felix and Ken both being dads reacting to baby memes is awesome, glad to see them vibe

  9. Imogen says:

    I love love love that it has gone from Marzia sending cute animal memes now to baby memes. I hope she is doing really well

  10. Katyyyohhh says:

    Marzia taking the worst possible photos of their son for the memes is the most Marzia thing I think I’ve ever heard.

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