Blox Fruits ALL Changes in Update 20

Blox Fruits ALL Changes in Update 20


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  1. Ti says:

    I used code enyu before buying sound and mammoth

  2. Ricardo Costa says:

    For all that did not understand, the sentinel boat starts flying when you are in the sea, and stops when you are next to an island

  3. The BREAKZ says:

    Enyu never fails to spread our cheeks and fill us with happiness

  4. FlippaClip_Animator :D says:

    The leviathan heart is what you need for the sanguine art and summoning it is unknown but there is a island in the update 20 final trailer that is not in the actual game I believe you need to get the last message from the npc above the new island.

  5. Beast Point says:

    Can we only take a moment to appreciate how many hours and effort he placed in the video!

  6. The Silent says:

    They replaced kilo because it was too OP

  7. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    Enyu i watched ur whole live stream last night and it was soo good and even tho some things didn’t work out u made it very entertaining

  8. Mlungisi Tukulu says:

    for us who waited for control and dragon rework

  9. Lilia Dimitrova says:

    All fruits rework showcase:
    Control 1:10
    Shadow 1:16
    Blizzard 1:21
    Pain: 1:25
    Rumble 1:33
    Love 1:42
    Buddha 1:51
    Quake 1:56
    Magma 2:01
    Barrier 2:06
    Rubber 2:08
    Light 2:12
    Revive 2:16
    Dark 2:18
    Sand 2:20
    Ice 2:25
    Falcon 2:26
    Spring 2:30
    Chop 2:38
    Spin fruit 2:42
    Portal 2:47
    Flame 2:54
    Spike 2:58
    Smoke 3:02
    Bomb 3:09

  10. Naruto7 New says:

    Only people who watch enyu live yesterday know how painful it is

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