Geometry Dash 2.2 Trailer

Geometry Dash 2.2 Trailer

Geometry Dash Update 2.2 is coming to the App Store, Google Play, and Steam very soon. This is a massive update including:

– New level “Dash”
– New game mode: Swing
– New game type: Platformer
– 4 new Platformer levels
– New collectable: Moons
– Over 700 new icons
– Over 100 new achievements
– Add sound effects to levels with SFX Library
– New Music Library
– 9999 groups and colors
– Shader Effects
– Particle Editor
– Camera Controls
– Keyframe and Auto-Build system
– Gradient, Area, Rotate Gameplay, Scale, Random, and over 80 other new triggers
– Lots of editor improvements: Increased scaling, layer locking, color hex inputs, trigger precision, and more
– Lots of new art, such as over 1500 pixel blocks
– Lots of new animations
– Create lists of levels
– Over 30 new Gauntlets
– Set FPS freely
– New shops and chests
– New shards
– Secrets…
and much more!

Video by @viprin and @nasgubb
Some editor examples by @AutoNickGD
Music by @MDKOfficialYT and @CreoMusic

Listen to “Exosphere” by @CreoMusic:

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33 Responses

  1. XɅORESS says:

    Let’s be honest, this is a million times better than what I was expecting

  2. Mr. Toxic says:

    This is actually gonna be insane how different the games gonna be, it’ll feel like an entirely new game

  3. Akirami 102 says:

    Las comunidades tanto inglesa como española esperamos esta actualizacion por 6 años y todos estan muy hypeados, DISFRUTEMOS ESTA UPDATE UNICA!!!!

  4. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    People don’t appreciate robtop enough for what he can achieve, personally I think this looks amazing and is perhaps even worth how long we waited!

  5. Silverson 𝕏 says:

    Those 6 years were such an amazing journey!

    The whole GD community managed to keep the game alive and finally our wait will be awarded.

    I’m ready for the next chapter!

  6. Rontti says:

    This game changed from a simple 2d platformer to an entire game engine in itself, where you could in theory create actual projects outside of just “Geometry Dash -style” levels… Absolutely crazy

  7. Partition Zion says:


  8. BJoshepC says:

    Absolutely blow my mind. I really didn’t expect 2.2 to be this big, it looks like this almost beats the 2.0 update feature…

  9. Rarotoeka says:

    After so many years 2.2 has come out and man what a masterpiece this is from the music to the triggers, the icons, the gamemodes, the levels and the improved editor. No wonder this update took so long to release. This is the embodiment of perfection

  10. itsoutchy says:

    I will definitely be rushing to play this when it comes out, this amount of features and additions is INSANE, the levels are going to end up feeling like their own games

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