Bologna vs. Milan: Extended Highlights | Serie A | CBS Sports Golazo

Bologna vs. Milan: Extended Highlights | Serie A | CBS Sports Golazo

Bologna are late on the market but nipped Cesena in their first bout. AC Milan parted ways with Tonali and spread the money across multiple additions.

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39 Responses

  1. Karl Tanner says:

    Seeing Girourd and Pulisic back together puts a smile on my face

    • Maudal Musical Machines says:

      There’s a lot more where this came from 😁

    • T Spot says:

      Giroud’s contribution to young players can’t be overvalued. Giroud is a world class talent in his own right. But he is the epitome of the consummate professional. He not only has chemistry with Pulisic, but his example gives a stable frame of reference to young players. What a great start for Milan, Giroud and CP. Let’s hope this is only the beginning of something very special.

    • Karl Tanner says:

      @T Spot I always thought Giroud was underrated and not respected enough by the Chelsea fanbase. People scuff at him because he’s a “poacher” mostly, but he’s DAMN GOOD at it!

    • Joshua Guevara says:

      @Karl Tannerthat’s not why ….
      Giroud isn’t known to be a poacher… he’s known to be a hold up striker that can scorer absolute bangers.
      He just has periods where he doesn’t score for a while. He misses the easy ones and scores almost impossible ones

  2. Bran Ayala says:

    Chelsea bought Mudryk for 100m and sold Pulisic for 20m

  3. Gotas de Chocolate says:

    Pulisic looks to finally finds the position that fits him the best..right winger

  4. David Gonzalez says:

    AC Millan looked very solid. For being the first game I’m impressed, Pulisic’s goal was absolutely brilliant world class. 👏👏👏

    • Mr. Fil-Am says:

      Be careful using World Class and Pulisic in one sentence. You may blow some trolls heads off with that. 😂

  5. P V says:

    Chelsea should buy this Pulisic guy

  6. Chris D says:

    As an American arsenal fan I kinda feel like I gotta root for AC Milan now…giroud, pulisic, and Leo is a pretty solid front 3

  7. Chimera says:

    Lets go Pulisic 💪. He’s confident and less likely to get injured in this new league

    • Commissar Yarricks ghost says:

      They will be great offensively but defensively they are vulnerable. They will score alot of goals but they will give up alot of goals too if they don’t tighten up

    • Mic4286 says:

      I think Serie A will be a good league for him.. the Premier League ain’t for everyone..

    • Miguel says:

      @Mic4286lol yeah the premier league is overrated. he wasn’t utilized correctly and was always injured.

    • Mic4286 says:

      @Miguel not to mention he was playing for Chelsea.. they have too many players and managers coming and going. Wasn’t a good fit for him..

  8. David Gonzalez says:

    Bologna is not a easy team to beat, last season they got 8th place. AC Milan looked very good.
    Congrats to milan for the victory 👊

  9. Giovanni says:

    Bologna is a thorn on every team’s side and very hard to beat especially at home. Given those factors I think Milan did well, Bologna had some great chances as well.

  10. Thomas More says:

    So happy for Pulisic. I hope he stays healthy. Giroud may not be the best striker in the world but wow what a career he has had. He is so great at drawing players to him and creating space for teammates.

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