Jake and Tara: Break Up

Jake and Tara: Break Up

Love you guys!
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Tara and I have broken up, and this is why (SPOILER: EVERYTHING IS OK) love you guys more than you know!

Sub to Tara! @Tarayummy


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32 Responses

  1. Johnnie Guilbert says:

    You both are two of the best people I’ve gotten to know.
    Nothing but love for you both.

  2. Alexis Sutton says:

    2 mature adults that can still be friends after everything is utterly amazing. I have so much pride for both of you. I’m so proud we got to watch both of you grow so much

  3. andee blakeslee says:

    “i still wanna go on dates with you” your guys love for each other is so beyond this world.

  4. Samantha Broaddrick says:

    First Sam and Katrina, now Jake and Tara. Our Favorites are growing up! I hope the next chapters in your lives are filled with even more awesome memories! Go experience your own unique individualities and live life to the fullest!!! ❤❤ Much Love to you both!

  5. Worood A says:

    People don’t always have to break up because it was toxic or there was cheating involved. We need to normalise breaking up when you feel like you’re not benefiting from the relationship anymore, you’re not enjoying it, or you need to find yourself first as an individual 💛 healthy breakups exist

    • Beatrix Altenberg says:

      I’m not sure any of that is a healthy thing to say for someone who is in a relationship based on love and able to commit. Sounds like a business deal to me or that whoever says that used their partner. Of course normal people who were in love do usually break up because they are not enjoying the relationship anymore or rather it becomes unbearable to them to stay. But if nothing bad was done to you, saying you dont enjoy it anymore makes you sound like an ahole.

    • ghost knives says:

      ​@Beatrix Altenbergall of those are incredibly healthy reasons to break up with somebody. you can be honest with people and if they see you as an ashole then they need to do some soul searching. because if you break up with somebody because you are not enjoying the relationship anymore then that’s fine it’s healthy. it’s better than lying and saying that you’re still loving this and that you’re still enjoying this when you’re not.

  6. Ashley Sipes says:

    I just see two people who have grown up together and respect one another. My relationship started my sophomore year of high school and I had babies too young. I don’t know who I am at 28. Around 25/26, I really really didn’t know who I was and began to question these things. I’m glad you guys are taking time to find yourselves, where ever you end up. You can still love another while broken up and I see that, because you started your relationship out as whole separate individuals. I’m proud of y’all for doing what feels best.

  7. spenter says:

    this is the most chill, laid back breakup video ive ever seen and i live for it

  8. Sara glittermepink says:

    You guys are handling this better than anyone I’ve ever seen. I know it’s still hard but I’m proud of both of you amazing people

  9. TEAMGRACE says:

    Not gonna lie, I was sobbing when I saw the video, but when I clicked on it and watched it, I started laughing. I’m excited for this new era of Jake and Tara. Literally most peaceful break up I’ve seen. Love both of you ❤

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