BOOM BABY | Another Room Down

BOOM BABY | Another Room Down


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30 Responses

  1. Niko's Property Show says:

    I’m 7 months into building my personal home and I’m SO ready to finally move in. Y’all keep up the awesome work!! Don’t let anything get you down!! 👏🏼

  2. Guy Cullum says:

    You should buy a sensor for the water tanks to tell you how full it is without opening it. You can pick up one which will beam the results to a readout inside your home. That way you can check if and when they are filling without having to check

    • Corben M says:

      @MrChewymentos so true

    • MrChewymentos says:

      @Crystal Creek Ranch Effective, but still sounds a lot less convenient than a sensor that tells you from inside the house. What’s the argument for the tube and valves etc over a sensor? and you have to worry about draining it to prevent mold growth? I realize that’s the way it’s been done for centuries, but seems like the modern solution wins.

    • Emmanuel Ng'eno says:

      And rob us this beautiful moment😂😂

    • Crystal Creek Ranch says:

      No sensor needed. All they need is a tube with 2 shut off values with a clear tube. That way they can see the level. Once the level is known, you can shut the value off, then open another value to drain the clear tub so that mold won’t grow in it.

    • Damogran Heart says:

      Red Poppy Ranch has that system.

  3. Michael Maddock says:

    This deserves a double like – it has everything. Housework, house issues, beautiful b-roll footage, a picnic, chasing kids…. very complete. thanks.

  4. Gary Bensel says:

    Here is an idea for you that I use on my rain water system. I added a clear pvc tube next to the tanks plumbed into the fill line going straight up the side of the tank. As water enters you can see the level without taking the cap off each time. You can add two valves to the tube to turn off and drain the gauge for freezings . Works great

  5. James Forbes says:

    You may want to consider having a well drilled for your water supply especially for emergencies, such as severe droughts.

    • Charlotte Walker says:


    • K R says:

      They have no well for water backup, and no wood stove for heating backup….they are very “optimistic” and don’t believe the old adage: “Two is one, and one is zero”

    • Ken H says:

      Drill baby, drill!

    • indobleh says:

      I don’t they have any space issues, can add water tanks and additional water collection system for a lot less than a well, plus more content for us.

    • Damogran Heart says:

      @Bettabgood Actually I have seen a reservoir and I had a friend years ago who worked for a drilling outfit. I have also been to Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, and the Dakotas.

  6. Carol Davis says:

    Beau is so adorable, taking her flamingo on a picnic.

  7. Amos Soma says:

    Have you thought about drilling a well? You could set it up to pump directly into your tanks and only pump when your solar panels are at full output.

  8. Netta Enee TV says:

    Dad is looking tired from when you guys first started!
    This will all pay off. I admire you alls strength and endurance!
    The home has come together so beautifully and the children, omg how beautiful!

  9. norm m. says:

    I love how you “see” your world and then show it to us. So inviting. So real. Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you.

  10. Geek With Social Skills says:

    Bo running off with the 5 hour energy drink was so funny. She’s awesome and so full of personality!

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