Bought a New Car and It Started on Fire.

Bought a New Car and It Started on Fire.

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37 Responses

  1. SuperSanch says:

    Stradman I’ve watched you for years and this will be the last video I watch for a few months as I am leaving for the United States Navy tomorrow. I appreciate everything you’ve done and I’m am so proud of who’ve you become I wish you the best! P.s. Get a Koenigsegg 🤣

  2. Kai S says:

    This adventure needed Sophia’s moral and hands-on support 😀

    • Video King says:

      It wouldn’t have even broken down I bet

    • john doe says:

      Are they still together? I mean it’s been over 2 mos since he’s even mentioned her. I guess we will see in the next week or so because she for sure would come to SEMA with him if they were still together.

    • Delsol2nr says:

      hands on support 😉

    • Downunda says:

      @john doegiven she’s canadian she has to spend at least 6months and 1 day in her home country. Last time I heard she had to go back for a few months given that fact. However yeah we haven’t heard anything about her in a while so maybe the distance changed things

  3. Ethan Mojo says:

    Hes writing both of these LM002’s off and can write off all of the repairs, that’s insanely smart.

    • sam w says:

      did he say that?

    • Jyt says:

      @sam w Business expense. Tax deductible.

    • Chad Oakley says:

      @sam w Pretty sure @ethanModjarrad is referencing when James mentioned both of the trucks are over 6,000lbs. Federal Tax code allows business owner to deduct(write off) the purchase price of a vehicle, new or used, in the first calendar year of ownership on that calendar year’s taxes. It’s GVW specific, meaning the IRS looks specifically at what the manufacture list for the GVW to determine if it’s eligible. Generally speaking, Vehicles over 6000lb GVW are eligible.

    • ethan says:

      @Chad Oakleywhich is why a lot of rich people buy g wagons

    • Julian warren says:

      But then when he sells them in 2024 he will have to pay taxes on 100% of the sales price. It just moves to taxes one year into the future. Now, if he kept the vehicles then it would be a different story but we all know he wont.

  4. Decenity says:

    Strad is the type of guy to get spammed by OpenAi bots

  5. Patrick Lowell Manalo says:

    Strad never stop surprising everyone! Congrats strad!

  6. Riding with Brad says:

    The fact he traded 3 car that was way reliable than this truck. The dedication is real!

    • Nossta says:

      He seems to be very confident in the fact they will rise in value

    • Kamron says:

      @NosstaI feel like he partially got finessed . Yeah it ran out of gas , but the odds that all of that went so wrong so quick shows it was already experiencing problems . I hope these were disclosed during the sale . Doesn’t look good having to jump start your buddy 10 mins down the road after selling it to him

    • Twotwo Low says:

      ​​@Nossta yeah and car was 6k lb available tax write off that’s why he mentioned the weight of both cars 😂

  7. Rayan Firoz says:

    Strad never disappoints

  8. ramo romel says:

    Now this is the type of content I really love to see, the journey, the laughs, and the unexpected events makes it so much entertaining, For this feels like the old times (in my opinion)

  9. Amorphine says:

    Only stradman can do something mind blowing like this 😅
    Congratulations strad 😊

  10. U A Media says:

    Imagine randomly seeing James crossing the highway 😂

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