We wouldn’t let our daughters play with these toys

We wouldn’t let our daughters play with these toys

Hair never tasted better!

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Intro and additional music by Harry Foster

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49 Responses

  1. The Grumps says:

    Hey all you cool kids from PATREON! Today’s upload was too GIRTHY so we had to split it in two. The uncensored cut and over 🔥14 MINUTES of EXTRAS 🔥were posted separately.
    Make sure to check both out ► https://www.patreon.com/gamegrumps

    • Hudmo says:

      Bit of a dumpy on the episode huh, can relate. Rumor has it the jiggle is sending vibrations through spacetime

    • TCY says:

      Does the uncensored version include Hannah’s last name? Asking for a friend

    • OrificeHorus says:

      Yes, we get it, you’re incapable of just posting actually good content so you have to paywall it (censored swears are stupid)

    • Davi Clemons says:

      @OrificeHorus You want to see it. You’re just mad you can’t afford the patreon. Bullying the creators ain’t gonna make it free ma boi. Get a jab.

  2. katersgonnakate says:

    Okay but watching them handle Hannah’s Polly Pockets so gently was actually kinda sweet 😂

    • Bleak Automaton says:

      My brother’s daughter loves the polly stuff I had growing up, with all the awkward pants and shoes that seemed really tough to actually remove.

    • sharpeningtheaxe says:

      I wish they would be gentle with more of the stuff on these. It’s enjoyable to see them interact with things without just throwing or destroying them

    • Thug Rabbit says:

      @sharpeningtheaxe You don’t know these boys very well do you?

    • Professor Fukyu says:

      If one is an owner of any of these toys you just watched the value take a huge leap. Both fewer out there and shown to millions of people.

  3. RomantheWarrior says:

    The look of horror on Dan’s face when he asked if early 2000s was retro will now make me feel old as hell

  4. Chris Tam says:

    arin yelling “boys learn how to kill, girls learn how to nurture” definitely describes all the childrens toys for many decades.

  5. CSDX says:

    I love how Dan went from “Tho-those are mine…” in the first 10MPH when it came to knocking the dinosaurs off the table to now just casually and happily knocking them off the table. True character growth right there.

  6. Ironic Ugandan says:

    I can see Arin fighting with his daughter to use her toys.

  7. PNolandS says:

    Love my semi monthly 16 minute power hour

  8. Ankhwuff says:

    Dan: “Am I pretty?”
    Arin: “You look like a corpse I just found.”
    Pete Martell: “She’s [Unalived], wrapped in plastic!” *Laura Palmer theme plays*

  9. Leanna says:

    Danny’s reaction to the early 2000’s being retro is brutally relatable to me. I just turned 30 and the internet makes me feel so damn old.

  10. The Devil Wears the Wrong Shoes says:

    Don’t worry Dan, learning the 2000s is considered retro hurts me deeply too. “Every birthday is like the Grim Reaper moving one peg on the abacus of your life”

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