Bullets HITTING Bullets in Slow Motion – THE IMPOSSIBLE SHOT – Smarter Every Day 287

Bullets HITTING Bullets in Slow Motion – THE IMPOSSIBLE SHOT – Smarter Every Day 287

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Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery

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35 Responses

  1. SmarterEveryDay says:

    Well…. the specifics of how to accomplish this have been in my head since 2017. I’m very excited to finally share it with you. I’m grateful to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon. You make long-term planning things like this and the baseball cannon possible! Here’s the link if you’d like to join our sticker team: https://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday

    Also, as promised, here’s the link too the email list! https://www.smartereveryday.com/email-list
    I don’t spam you. I just send out an email every time I upload. Thanks for your consideration!

  2. Stuff Made Here says:

    When the two bullets perfectly hit each other it looks like your shot a single bullet into the worlds strongest mirror. Insane.

  3. zollotech says:

    Interesting to see this. Thanks for taking the time to figure this out and share it.

  4. Zebiano says:

    Seeing those two bullets frozen in time in the middle of the air at 21:39 (22:00) was so amazing… It’s literally forces cancelling each others out perfectly. I’m so blown away by this.

  5. quinterbeck says:

    This was amazing. Nobody makes engineering videos like Destin does. And the resistance to sensationalising stuff makes the really cool bits pack the punch they’re worth. I felt like I was along for the journey of joy in this one

  6. Redneck Tech says:

    Epic!!!!!!!! I really don’t know what else to say. Outstanding job and really appreciate you and your team on the safety aspect. I really hope others understand the seriousness of this experiment and dont try to recreate and get hurt. I guess a tarp might help in locating fragments vs the grass. Have a great one and can’t wait to see what your up to next. Also could lead imperiaties with say iron help stabilize the bullet while the energy is fusing them?

  7. asm826 says:

    You need two additional things. Pure lead bullets with no tin or antimony, and barrels with no rifling so the bullets are not rotating when they impact. The reason you aren’t getting them to fuse is the rotations in opposite directions. Looking at the Minie balls in the museum, they were fired from smooth bore muskets.

    • Pim van der Geer says:

      whoops commented before reading other comments. looks like we think on similar lines so just putting an extra comment in on yours to see if it increases the odds of getting another video with spin-stabilising in a similar direction, or none at all. 😀 I just want to see more attempts at bullets fusing.. ^^

    • Crazy Mower says:

      Excellent point! Especially with the counter rotating effects!

    • Necro13 says:

      perhaps use some sort of saboted flechette rounds to keep them stabilized?

    • Mark Sternberg says:

      Does lead react to heat treatment the way that some other metals do?

      I’m thinking about how a blacksmith will quench a steel blade to make it strong but brittle. If lead reacts the same way, I could see how a bullet cast during the civil war might cool more slowly than a modern projectile and could be softer/more mailable as a result.

      I’m no engineer or metallurgist, though. Just wild speculation on my part.

    • gun. says:

      I found the firearms people in the comments.❤

  8. Kentucky Ballistics says:

    This was awesome! I’ve always wanted to see this!

  9. VideoNozoki says:

    Destin, I just LOVE your enthusiasm. I’ve watched you for 14? 15? years… and it is so
    great to see how passionate and full of curiosity you are! You make the world a more fun place.
    (I’m glad this video was 35 minutes. It was so interesting that the time just _FLEW_ by!)
    Great video!!!

    • Roger says:

      What?!? Mean to say that 5min video was actually 35?????
      Not gonna lie, after I read your comment I immediately checked the time, and…. 😱🤯

  10. Scubasky says:

    What was the FPS of the bullets you were shooting vs historical miniballs? and did you load your test rounds to that velocity? Might have been too hot causing them to fragment instead of fuse?

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