The 2023 Belmont Stakes FULL RACE | FOX Sports

The 2023 Belmont Stakes FULL RACE | FOX Sports

The 155th running of the Belmont Stakes got off to a fast start with National Treasure leading the pack. Towards the end, Arcangelo caught up to National Treasure and broke away from the rest of the group to grab a comfortable lead. Arcangelo crossed the finish line and was the winner of the 155th running of Belmont Stakes. Javier Castellano earned his first career win in Belmont Stakes as a jockey. Jena Antonucci became the first female trainer to win in the Belmont Stakes.

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The 2023 Belmont Stakes FULL RACE | FOX Sports

Fox Sports

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23 Responses

  1. FOX Sports says:

    Congrats to Arcangelo! 🏆

  2. Oswaldo Lafee says:

    Both Javier and the horse were not going to be denied. Horse showed great character and no hesitation. More importantly Great horsewomanship from Jena, congrats to all!

  3. Joshua Madsen says:

    Javier with the veteran Belmont move saving ground taking the rail; going around that final turn, not asking of Arc until the final 1/16th..beautiful

  4. Dennis Pearson says:

    Very good patient ride by Javier; made his move at the right time. Big up to the trainer.

  5. Ray Ormaza says:

    Awesome victory by Arcangelo. Never count out a Peter Pan victor in the Belmont. Congrats to Jena for the inspirational win. I’ll be showing this victory to my daughter. Kudos to her for her humility in crediting the horse and jockey. Great story for the little guy….and gals.

  6. denise jensen says:

    Congratulations to Arcangelo and team! That was a really good race! What great joy for the trainer, being the first woman trainer to win the Stakes! That’s so awesome! And congratulations to the jockey who won his first Belmont Stakes as well ! Such a beautiful horse! They all are beautiful! 😊

    • Tony Manero says:


    • Gender AffirmingCare says:

      Let’s not get all warm and
      fuzzy about the trainer..👈🤔…

      The horse did the work..

    • Valerie Teti says:

      @Gender AffirmingCareShe conditioned the horse don’t you know what trainers do? Jena Antonucci knew how to bring Arcangelo to the Belmont after just 4 races to win . Not every trainer would be able to do this. Let’s see you do it.

    • William says:

      @Tony Manero WHY?

    • Tony Manero says:

      @William If you watched all these horses this year you will understand. The two best horses this year looked like they were stuck in mud. And all of a sudden the last 20 yards instead of losing power they gain power in the longest race to compete for 2nd. After what I have seen the last three years, I don’t trust anything.

  7. Flyhigh79 says:

    Feel very happy for Jena. she’s an awesome woman and trainer…no cheating involved…love the emotion

  8. Forward_Ever &_Ever says:

    Great victory…very happy for both jockey & trainer….he thanked God first, couldn’t hv said it better.

  9. Gator 747 says:

    My family and I was at the race…very loud crowd.
    Great atmosphere.

  10. Whale Cove says:

    Well done, All. Great race, great heart on Arcangelo, looked close at first, but he could have held them off another quarter, boy’s got a gear.

    • Smoggington says:

      2:29.23 …. he’s slow AF….. not even hating, but that time is embarrassingly slow.

    • Pearl Marsh says:

      @Smoggington in the end, the point of horse racing is to make your mark and win. The horses don’t have to try and set records for everything.

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