Just Ken Exclusive

Just Ken Exclusive

Heard everyone was feelin the Ken-rgy ✨
#BarbieTheMovie – only in theaters July 21. Tickets on sale now!

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57 Responses

  1. A. says:

    this all the proof anyone needed. you can literally see how well Ryan plays it. it s hilarious

    • Short Film Trending says:

      *Will u go?*

    • RobbyRockaholic says:

      Dude this might actually be Oscar bait .. lol I really hope he comes out or gets Barbie

    • cgill914 says:

      Literally. People forget he’s naturally hilarious 😂

    • Hezekiah Ramirez says:

      @RobbyRockaholic I honestly do think there’s a good chance Margot Robbie will at least get a nomination. Ryan Gosling is not a bad bet either. I think this is going to be a good one. I am a straight man in my 30s and I can’t wait for this. This movie looks buck wild

  2. MatiZ815 says:

    Even in his own trailer Ken has a second credit.

  3. Aoife says:

    Finally Ryan Gosling gets to go back to his theatre kid roots

  4. Nil Gülyüz says:

    Honestly, his story could be very compelling if done well. From this song, it seems like he is in love with Barbie but he also wants to be his own person, to shine without being in her shadow. I love it

    • Pedro Bustos says:

      He wants Barbie to see him as a man, a man that can love her, not just as her accesorie.

    • Beysment’s security camera says:

      @Pedro Bustosok smarty pants, wow you’re so smart 🤓☝️

    • MythicalSalmon says:

      He is already very compelling, he is literally me.

    • Ishihaya Haji Magumpara says:

      @Pedro Bustos think because it is not because it’s from trying to portray women empowerment. It really roots from how girls really played barbie and portrayed barbie as the main one and everything around is like an accessory just as Ken when dollhouses comes with a pair of a partner. I played barbie & ken doll, I was a kid, idk what’s really a relationship is. So Ken was like a bf side character on my dollhouse roleplay with my friends.

    • Pedro Bustos says:

      @Ishihaya Haji Magumpara I know, I love Barbie and I have played with her my whole life 🤣 I just made a comment.

  5. Simon Randall says:

    Imagine having to perform that at the Oscars

  6. Ave says:

    Ken ISNT a mood.

    He’s literally a whole personality type, and I’m living for it.

  7. Tech Prodigy says:

    This just went from a might watch to a must watch

  8. JackieZ says:

    Excited for my new personality! I’m literally Ken.

  9. TheKayDrew says:

    This is the most chaotic movie I’ve ever heard of and I’m in awe.

    • Melo says:

      if he will be just a ken and not matter hiw fast he runs it wil be akways barbie to get quicker then it would be the right movie , otherwise not , many females we dont want traditional , girly barbie , so sick of it

    • Honey Do You says:

      @Meloand other women do want to see a girly Barbie and are happy to embrace all the pink and sparkles

    • z says:

      @Melo barbie was always girly if you don’t want a girly icon make your own

    • muni says:


    • 𝚢𝚊. says:

      ⁠@Melo a lot of females want a girly barbie 😛 kinda sick of the same edgy female character we have in the media

  10. Maria Sharapova says:

    Now we just need Ryan Gosling performing this song and Jack Black performing Peaches at the 2024 Oscars for this to be the most iconic and memorable Oscar edition of recent times

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