Canelo Alvarez DROPS Jermell Charlo, Wins Via UNANIMOUS DECISION To Retain Title I FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Canelo Alvarez DROPS Jermell Charlo, Wins Via UNANIMOUS DECISION To Retain Title I FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Brian Campbell joins CBS Sports HQ to recap Canelo Alvarez victory over Jermell Charlo.


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48 Responses

  1. bengolfs1 says:

    One of Canelo’s easiest defenses. Charlo acted scared the whole promotion.

  2. Chris Marin says:

    If he’s the lion Canelo is the Hunter.

  3. Courtney Beckles says:

    I didn’t watch the fight, but based on the highlights it seems like Charlo was there for a pay day. That’s the most timid lion I have ever seen.

  4. La’Dangc-Sui Mienh says:

    I already knew how this fights gonna go. I told my friends about it, they didn’t believe me. Now, they can see the highlights

    • cartier city says:

      same shit for me too lol😂 i just made $800 from 2 bets lol😂 now my rents damn near covered lmaooo

    • Nobody says:

      What? Who didn’t think Canelo would win?

    • E Te says:

      I’ve always said it. Been telling people for weeks. Was obviously the way I thought it would go. Clearly I was right.

      Likes please.

    • 71donkrider says:


    • ultra instinct says:

      Mexican boxing number 1 we dominate boxing bring the money and people etc… all facts.

      Plus with this win we tie usa with 127 mexican title fight wins vs usa 127 title fights wins head to head.

      But lets be honest those majority title fight wins are mexican american.

      So really mexico been dominating boxing for a while now.

      Plus 1st undisputed champion to defend his titles 3 times in a row ever and its a mexican.

      Viva mexico cabrones 😊. 🇲🇽.

  5. FG says:

    Is it just me or Charlo looked scared for his life in every single round?

  6. Joseph Jones says:

    Y’all seriously didn’t think Charlo was gone win right?!?

    • Jayd Dominguez says:

      Definitely no. He went up 2 weight classes. And havent fought. No way. Canelo in other hand was super slow and sucked last fight too. He looked like hes career was over. But in the end this isnt charlo weight. He should of gone up slowly like canelo does. Jumping up 2 weight classes slow.him down

    • Chris Marin says:

      Canelo jumps up fast more than one weight class too!

    • Obyno Omere says:

      Nope. I thought Canelo would knock him out and fix that tilted-neck of the cub Charlo

    • Frederick Bermudez says:

      Every American boxer had him winning! Lol

  7. Noliestold says:

    Man refuses to throw a punch then proceeds to call out Bud. Lol

  8. useruser says:

    Hahahaha all that talking Charlo was doing 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Erwin Man says:

    Charlo looked intimidated since day 1, even more so in the ring

  10. MA6iK says:

    Dude looked like he was scared to throw punches.

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