It’s fight night! Multi-division world champion Canelo Alvarez was shocked by WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol, losing to him in an upset via unanimous decision in their highly-anticipated May 7 showdown at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. You don’t want to miss what went down before, during, and after the fight. Check it out!

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45 Responses

  1. will quirk says:

    I had Bivol winning 9 or maybe even 10 rounds. Never seen Canelo dealt with in that manner before. He was being bullied in there and Bivol was getting the better of the exchanges. I think he just bit off more than he can chew and light heavyweight is just a step too far when taking on the best of the best, no shame in that. What a chin Canelo has as he proved again though, took some massive shots in there. I think we now know super middleweight is his limit and he probably still beats everyone in that division. 2 great champions both deserve massive respect!

    • Aureum says:

      @Ghost It’s not about his fans 🤦‍♂️

    • Aureum says:

      @Turney Dunham Appliances No he doesn’t ?, he’s accepted the loss and moved on from that fight.

      It’s Mayweather who hasn’t moved on from that fight.

    • Aureum says:

      @MrSPIDEY21 No shit, Exactly that’s my point. He knows how to take a loss, improve and move forward.

    • Vincent Junio says:

      I’m so glad Canelo lost I never liked the guy. He’s been a cherry picker for a long time

    • theyetirulrs says:

      Well stated. That he has pushed his physical limitations to the maximum is unquestionable. And did so against only the best no less! Much respect to him even in defeat.

  2. Joel Williams says:

    I’ve said for a long time the only way to beat Canelo was to outpoint him and Bivol had the right fight plan to do that, executed it and won. He has great skill. Hats off to him on the win. When Canelo lost to Mayweather, he learned from it. If there is a Bivol rematch it will be interesting to see what Canelo does differently.

    • Kick Rocks says:

      @The Entrepreneur Exactly, 175 is not Canelo’s world. He looked sluggish last night, as if he was stuck in the mud and he gassed early. He was hoping for one big punch but Bivol was too smart, stay composed and stuck to his plan.

    • The Entrepreneur says:

      @Kick Rocks , ok so every boxer has different styles. They trained on things they adapt better to. Example, some like dance and box , other use power brawl , stalking and walking down opponent , others use punchers chance of walking forward high guard defending countering to the body. It really depends what they feel comfortable with. Caneo in smaller weight use to counter and move more effectively…now days I rarely see him use his jab which was a very good punch he had.

    • Mahidi Karif says:

      Bivol will knock him out in a rematch. Canelo will not request a rematch, not because he lacks heart and will. His managers and trainer won’t let it happen because they know that he’ll get knocked the F out!

    • Alexis Cuevas says:

      @H P to have any legitimacy? So u telling his past fights were nothing? Keep in mind he’s going up to light heavyweight class, no easy task for a guy that is 5’8”.

    • Aztec Heart says:

      @Edward Cashh his resume craps on Chavez

  3. C TX says:

    I appreciate the fact that he didn’t put excuses and is honest about stepping into a different weight class and trying to put himself in front of challenges he hasn’t faced before. Te seguimos apoyando Canelo!

  4. Sergio Moreno says:

    Bivol was perfect in this fight, he knows how to move on the ring. Everytime Canelo threw a good punch Bivol coutered it with a beautiful combination. All the respect to the russian, he won marvelously.

    • Brendan Cronin says:

      @Cool Breeze yeah he was reading canelos movement very well .He was countering canelos counters which he is not used to happening to him .
      I know as an ex fighter that it is hard to tell what the outcome of a fight is but canelo has got to have known he lost that fight …you could see the frustration .He just didn’t have an answer to what bivol was doing and it started to become apparent that he needed a knockout so he was loading up and bivol was seeing it because canelo doesn’t have a lot of punch variety he tends to throw 2 or 3 types of punches and bivol was ready to counter them all .

    • Cool Breeze says:

      I like the way he spinner off the ropes every time his backed touched it. He knew Canelo would throw that uppercut

    • Brendan Cronin says:

      Yeah he had great counters .

  5. Pizzulo81 says:

    Hats off to Alvarez for challenging himself at the peak of his career by moving up to 175. The first time I saw him fight he was at 147 and never would have thought he’d ever fight at 168 let alone 175. Ray Robinson fought a fight at light heavyweight and didn’t finish the fight. I still want to see Alvarez vs Benavides at 168.

    • Walter Lee says:

      He wouldn’t fight him before this I definitely dont see it happening now, Benavides is 6’ 2” and a more dynamic fighter than Bivol and definitely more aggressive. Could be an even bigger mismatch for Canelo

    • Say Jah says:

      Don’t forget to give the corrupt judges that assisted him in this too.

    • Don’tMindMe says:

      You forgot to mention ray Robinson was actually winning that fight, and dominating. Then he was in a building with no AC, and the heat got up to 115+… no fighter (even canelo) can withstand that

    • James Bond says:

      Stop making excuses for Canelo and bringing up ray Robinson.

    • Stuart Damon says:

      He stepped up, and I respect that as much as a W or L.

  6. the Yaf says:

    I was not expecting to hear canelo lost when I woke up today watched the highlights dude hit nothing but arms was crazy

    • Errorh Makro1313 says:

      @The BrotherHood Sports Evidence, not excuses. Blks always in their feelings about this simply because he doesn’t fight any of the non-worthless that they have today in those divisions. Bivol was bigger ( weight ), strong physically and has good boxing skills at his own weight division. Canelo stepped up and lost. Where is Charlo, Andrade Benavidez and all the other fighters you all claim Canelo doesn’t want to fight doing this to challenge themselves ?? Canelo is smaller in height compared to all these Men so, is there an excuse on their behalf ?? Or is it more ” Canelo won’t fight blk fighters ” argument always ?? Daniel Jacobs is a way better fighter than all of those mentioned and Canelo outboxed him at 160. Bivol a natural 175 pounder with ring IQ and boxing skill. 15 pnd DIFFERENCE !

    • Bailey Frankson says:

      @the Yaf 😂

    • J.C. Phoenix says:

      @The BrotherHood Sports black guy of course lol

    • Payton G says:

      @Rixpix Bivol’s Jab & Educated Feet Helped Him Also Somewhat Absorb Far Less Punishment Than Smith,
      Smith, Being The Much Bigger & Lankier Fighter, Had A Nonexistent Jab So Canelo Just Kept Coming Forward & He Would Lounge On The Ropes Too Long
      Bivol Spent Some Time On The Ropes But Kept Pushing Canelo Back With A Jab & Some Combinations & He Would Pivot Off The Ropes & Circle His Right To Prevent His Strong Left Hook Which Is Why Canelo Was Looking For The Overhand Right

  7. Mike says:

    I think the weight has something to do with it but bivol is also the reason he lost. Bivol is very skilled all around is the naturally bigger guy and had a great gameplan. Canelo tried to fight him the same way he fights everyone else. Stalk him and overpower him. Its a lot harder to do at 175. Not only that but all of his loaded up power shots got deflected or hit gloves and arms all night long.

    He got tired and frustrated he couldnt hit him with anything meaningful. And he still had to respect bivols punches. I always said the only way you are beating canelo is if he has to respect your power and you have the defense to avoid his power. Bivol showcased both great gameplan and great performance.

    He barely hit bivol cleanly the whole fight. The 115-113 scorecards were a joke. This fight was more one sided than that but its Canelo they will give him rounds he didnt win. Bivol won at least 8 rounds in this fight.

  8. Reign says:

    Bivol, fighting others in this weight class, has taken extremely powerful punches. Then beaten these opponents. I don’t think Alvarez can generate enough force to knock him out, if these naturally bigger men couldn’t. This was a great match-up in styles. Proud of Cannello for taken on the challenge. The rematch could be even better!

    • MR. MR. says:

      Exactly he isn’t like other boxers scared to up a weight class or 2 for the challenge .he still wasn’t himself I think it was something total diff. He just can’t say ” u never knw plus ya the weight class !

    • Xonna ThaGreat says:

      @John Henry Canelo is not a naturally big guy. Stop the bullshit, man. It isn’t funny. Everyone he fights, has a significant size advantage. Bivol was at least a CW last night. Hats off to him though. After being undefeated for 9yrs and constantly challenging yourself, you’re bound to lose eventually 🤷🏾‍♂️. SIZE NEGATES SKILL. PERIOD. Hopefully, Canelo smartens up and goes back down to 168lbs and retires GGG.

    • Jose Madriz says:

      @John Henry stop it 😂😂😂

    • Sleeping Hill says:

      No rematch Canelo needs to move back down in weight

    • John Henry says:

      Canelo is a naturally big guy himself, he’s just not long. When they showed him at the Stevens fight I said to myself damn, that guy’s skin is so dry he looks dead. That look told me he was struggling to make 175 despite the fact he was the one coming up in class.

  9. Ricardo Rivas says:

    Bivol comfortably glided too smooth throughout all rounds and Canelo seemed tired after the 4th. If he wants to stay in that weight class he’s going to need a couple months or years to adjust to it and naturally build stamina for it. I became a Bivol fan last night he won fair and square. Respectable and humble dude congrats to him.

    • J PM says:

      @dayaaron87 He certainly seems to be a no nonsense kind of guy. 👍🏻

    • dayaaron87 says:

      @J PM Bivol is Russian tough. He probably request it but I don’t think he care. He said in the post fight interview that he expected to be against it all. I think if he keeps that hunger, he will be tough to beat.

    • J PM says:

      @dayaaron87 Yeah quite possibly…if I was Bivol I would be requiring rigorous testing for any rematch.

    • dayaaron87 says:

      @J PM I think he was on it on this fight. That stuff can take you but so far

    • J PM says:

      He’ll be back on the clen for the rematch

  10. LoveGANG says:

    From what’s been explained to me he was fighting a guy that walks around at 205. His bone structure is already used to handling more weight, his strength from carrying that much weight around, and the gained speed from losing weight. Canelo was taking a true challenge to go up another weight class after the plant fight 🙏🏽 my people said Bicol was no slouch either, but it was gonna be an uphill battle for Canelo regardless. Respect that he wasn’t scared to risk his record like the majority of the boxing world is, and I understand why they would be too.

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