Angel Reese Exclusive First Sit Down Post Championship

Angel Reese Exclusive First Sit Down Post Championship

We’ve got BREAKING NEWS! Brandon Marshall and Ashley Nicole Moss sit down with LSU Women’s Basketball Star and National Champion Angel Reese for her FIRST sit down after winning the title.

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48 Responses

  1. Survivrs says:

    As a Hawkeye fan, it’s still a little hard to swallow, but LSU deserved to win this game. They were obviously the better team that day, and they deserve the glory. I’m just about done licking my wounds from the loss, and maybe we will get to do this again next year. Great job Angel as well as your teammates.

    • Carlos Dos Santos says:

      Thank you! Iowa has no reason to hang their heads! Thanks for a wonderful season! If Lexi Donarski goes to Iowa, watch out!! But Caitlin, Angel, and few others are turning Women’s Basketball into a MAJOR AMERICAN SPORTS. People will start having Final Four Parties and the Championship Game will be something akin to Super Bowl Sunday, no matter who is in it. It’s coming!

    • De'Andre B says:

      @The Shadow’s Shadow cause your implying racial bigotry

    • Disheem Thomas says:

      @The Shadow’s Shadow & fans have deluded minds in pointing out & ignoring whatever they choose 2 view as a foul or infraction. All of those aspects of the game I named statistically dictate who overwhelmingly usually shoots more FT’s & it’s not a team who is at a deficit regarding those factors. I worried that Boston would be in early foul trouble & when I witnessed how that took place I knew Angel would have the same fate. The most fouls ever in a championship game was called & Iowa was the benefactor of most of them. The only thing left 2 do after that is 2 plug in common sense.

    • The Shadow’s Shadow says:

      @Cornell Blevins hardly…more like combattants.

    • The Shadow’s Shadow says:

      @Survivrs LSU was able to capitalize on the advantage gifted to them by the officiating, unintended or not. Iowa showed their Achilles heal of no depth and their aggressive defensive style was all but neutered.

  2. Darius Kristopher says:

    This is the quickest interview in the history of interviews. We need more of this in media, the people wanna hear it.💯

  3. Bria L says:

    As someone who only started watching women’s basketball about 2 years ago, it’s bittersweet that this moment is what’s bringing attention to the women’s game. There’s so many talented players who are just incredible to watch (Aliyah Boston, Olivia Miles, Cam Brink, Angel Baker etc) I mean look at what Dawn Staley has been building over at South Carolina. These girls are competitive, they play with heart and deserve attention all season not just during big games. I’m happy for LSU and it’s nice to see Angel share more of her story. I hope more people will continue to watch, support and uplift women’s basketball both college & wnba.

    • Jalen Pope says:

      Same. I randomly watched a South Carolina game Aaliyah Boston’s junior year & was like they’re actually good. I’ve watched every game since. I’m genuinely interested in girls college basketball now.

    • Kevin Schart says:

      It’s a double edge sword. I’m not a fan of women’s basketball, but anything they can do to bring light to their sport I say do it. If it takes a somewhat difficult story to do that then so be it. Mens’ sports went through the same thing when the color barrier was broken. As the experts in marketing say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  4. Kwame Sarfo-Mensah says:

    Brandon really shines when he’s doing interviews like this compare to the typical IAA interviews. He doesn’t monopolize the talking time, he doesn’t cut people off, and he, overall, just has more poise. This is refreshing to see. Love to see the growth, brotha! Keep it going!

    And Ashley is an awesome addition to the IAA family! Y’al rolling! ✊🏿💪🏿🙏🏿

    • Hercules h says:

      @RoTrucking don’t be fooled…he just respect women more than men…this us what happens when u are raised by a single mom

    • Hercules h says:


    • beat it up tv live says:

      He growing he humbling his self he learning to listen and absorb the knowledge it’s a beautiful thing 4 sho

    • Kevin Schart says:

      I think he’s trying to keep the entertainment factor high during the other interviews. He knows how to tone it done. They also have producers that help them dial in the energy for the content.

  5. MizzAlienated says:

    Someone please get this to her! These are the steps she needs to take now: get her name copywritten ASAP, get an attorney, get a manager for all the endorsements coming her way, and get a talent agent as well if she’s thinking of branching out. In other words she needs a team!

    • Jerry Alexander says:

      @phillyfanatic11 yea, and that’s just in sponsorships, PER YEAR..

    • Jerry Alexander says:

      @Joe what’s a lie? She has 17 nil Deals, which is more than any other college basketball player 🤷🏿‍♂️, and that was before the tournament, it’s probably increased by now.. I’m not counting her money but if she’s not a millionaire then she’s not far away 🤷🏿‍♂️.. Peace ✌🏿

    • Joe says:

      @Jerry Alexander lies but she has big deals lol

  6. Logic Turn says:

    I love how Brandon just sat back and let the women control the show. Seriously amazing; to not have a man argue with a woman on women topics. I applaud you, sir.

  7. Bill Douglas Holdings says:

    Kudos to Brandon and his team for pulling this interview so quickly.

  8. finisher3x says:

    This young lady is a SUPERSTAR. Star player. Star personality. Super intelligent. You completely forget this is a 20 year old that is speaking. She speaks like she’s a 7 year WNBA vet, not a redshirt Sophomore.
    Brandon and Ashley knocked it out the park with this interview. One of the best Paper Route episodes to date. Brandon will definitely try to make her one of the faces of House of Athlete.

  9. Christle Young says:

    Angel needs a good manager to help her field everything that’s coming her way right now. She’s answered enough and spoken on enough. I want to see her resting and celebrating her excellence soon! 🎉 Super proud of her!

    • Julio Silva says:

      You’re right
      I can see she stays focus and she is objective without ruining her moment but like you said she has spoken enough before someone gets her in trouble
      And I do think she should accept the apology from the First Lady and go to the White House
      Joe Biden messed up with our community in the past but he is doing everything he can to make it up for
      So his wife deserves a chance

    • Kristopher Cash says:

      ​@Truth Serum don’t you get tired of trying to tell someone how to operate on their realm?

    • Bengal Roku says:

      settle down girl. she way ahead of you.

    • Truth Serum says:

      She needs her mother and father to give her some standards. She showed up to an interview in yoga pants and a white woman’s wig.

  10. Maleek Dublin says:

    Hope this interview really picks up a lot of media coverage. She was articulate and well spoken the entire time. Represented herself really well

    • 4THTRYB says:

      @zooupy Ignorance is what you spewed. So what if she got a full ride and went to college? Going to college on a full ride does not override or negate her reality in Amerikkka. She’s speaking her truth or reality. Who are you to discredit that reality as experienced by her?

    • zooupy says:

      A lot of ignorance is what she spewed. She acts as if she’s oppressed she went to private school and got a full ride to college lol

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