Catnap Looks Insane! || Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3 – Gameplay Trailer (Reaction and Analysis)

Catnap Looks Insane! || Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3 – Gameplay Trailer (Reaction and Analysis)

Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 just got it’s first gameplay trailer, showing off the first ever gameplay in action. In this video we react to the Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 gameplay trailer and then break it down with a full analysis.

Check out Poppy Playtime:

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Music by Kevin MacLeod:

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54 Responses

  1. @Tootz3374 says:

    Missy is just literally the chillest creature out of everyone in this game. She’s so Kumbaya and I need that. I wish I had her energy

  2. @DylanoRevs says:

    Given how Poppy is actually helping us throughout all of this, I do hope she won’t become this final hidden main antagonist.

    • @christianparrish3292 says:

      We’ll see.

    • @Roxy_Roxi says:

      Well to be fair, she did derail our train at the end after claiming she’d help us get out. It is understandable why she did do that though, because she’s a doll and she can’t do much. Tbh, I don’t really want her to be a villain.

    • @applegamer20 says:

      My theory is that the true antagonist will be Pierre who took over Play Co after Ludwig.

      Edit:After discovering Ludwig successfully brought his daughter back to life Pierre took advantage of this discovery. He took over by using Ludwig as his first experiment in order to silence him and now the Prototype/Ludwig wants to tear down every Pierre has made and free all his victims. This also means killing everyone who worked for him including the player

    • @tiredbird471 says:

      ​@@applegamer20I bet Poppy’s dad became the amalgam monster that took Mommy and this is her way of saving him too.

  3. @EachUniqueStar says:

    The fact that this guy made this video in less than 10 minutes is low-key respectable. 👏Great job man.

  4. @Brydav_Massbear says:

    I actually theorize that we won’t meet Catnap as this giant monster right away, but rather he would look very similar to his cartoon self and be the size of a normal cat. However, once he learns that Poppy apposes the Prototype, it is only then he takes on a more monstrous form. Keep in mind that Catnap can adjust the proportions of his body, he’s a sizeshifter.

    • @user-nt4sx4kg9g says:

      Tbh a shapeshifter too being big will make your proportions different but ok

    • @HostysSecret says:

      Thats the most reasonable explanation, a company obviously wouldn’t make something to simply scare kids off appearance, and trick kids into thinking they are safe

    • @RenzReaganBereber says:

      I agree to this comment because If you watched the chapter 3 teaser #2 you might see the drawing of catnap changing size lol

    • @RayRay42315 says:

      That’s a very good point! I never thought of it that way. That’d be interesting if he did take on a cartoon form only to become a hideous beast.

  5. @christianparrish3292 says:

    It’s important to fix the issues with chapter 3. Because if you rush the production, you’ll end up with bugs and glitches. Like what steel wool did with Security Breach.

    • @benG6509 says:

      Steel Wool only did it because people rushed and pressured them to.

    • @WhitneyDahlin says:

      It’s irritating me their purposefully dragging this out as long as possible to make as much money as possible. There was three months in between chapter 1 and 2. Then they spent all that time working on that cash grab of of a phone game. I would have rather have waited years for the full game to come out then then drip feed Us chapters just to keep hype about the game up so they can make as much money as possible. Bendy and the ink machine ruined games forever.

    • @christianparrish3292 says:

      @@benG6509 that would explain it.

    • @hrnsnfhsjddhsjfnsmjdjsd-xs9se says:

      ​@@WhitneyDahlin Theyre not doing it for money. They want the game to not have any bugs or glitches.

  6. @cidevant002 says:

    The fact that the company tortured the player character is something totally new! We knew that they were an employee, but not that they were affected as well. Maybe they were part of the experiments as a subject?

    • @Welcometotheslam5424 says:

      Honestly, Poppy COULD be speaking to Kissy Missy, but however, the way that her gaze is first locked on the player when saying “you” before flickering to herself and kissy missy when saying “us” does imply that she’s including the protagonist in the list of victims.

      My current theory is that the protagonist was a worker who discovered the truth of the facility and was punished as a result, yet somehow managed to escape the facility.

      This would help explain why they are both someone who worked here (AKA why Mommy Long Legs hates them so much) and how they are also a victim.

    • @YunaFae6263 says:

      I think the player was part of the search crew who went looking for huggy and was one of those who went missing according to playtime co and officially was declared missing but in reality was dragged back to the factory along with huggy and forced into a toy wether the player escaped before becoming a toy or not will find out hopefully one day

    • @Welcometotheslam5424 says:


      The player was seemingly able to integrate into normal society or at least live peacefully outside the factory, so chances are they’re human.

    • @YunaFae6263 says:

      @@Welcometotheslam5424 that’s true so escaped before being made into a toy

    • @WarioWareFan01010 says:

      And Poppy says to get revenge, so does this mean that Harvey Sawyer or whoever tortured and experimented on the toys will get their comeuppance after 10 years?

  7. @superbendy7303 says:

    Scene Selection
    0:00 – Intro
    2:43 – Trailer Reaction
    5:27 – Trailer Analysis
    20:31 – Outro

  8. @_ADiSSY says:

    I honestly expected Catnap to have a way bulkier build. Maybe that cuts the intimidation but I do still like the silhouette

  9. @SpeedForceGaming759 says:

    I honestly didn’t think Catnap was gonna be a Slenderman cat, I thought he was going to be like a hulking beast

  10. @adamzakytv844 says:

    I just noticed if you look REALLY closely into the the news screen, you can actually see Catnap trodding away. It might be easier to see if you brighten the image.

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