Rich Eisen on Whether an Offsides Flag Should’ve Been Thrown on Chiefs’ Overturned Lateral Touchdown

Rich Eisen on Whether an Offsides Flag Should’ve Been Thrown on Chiefs’ Overturned Lateral Touchdown

Rich Eisen reacts to the Buffalo Bills’ win over the Kansas City Chiefs that featured a thrilling lateral touchdown from Travis Kelce to Kadarius Toney that was wiped out by a controversial (and rarely-called) offensive offsides penalty.

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36 Responses

  1. @TheErupp says:

    Maybe the officiating has been awful this year, but this isn’t an example of bad officiating. The referee did his job correctly.

  2. @humaux8457 says:

    As a Chiefs fan I don’t blame the refs for this one. He had to know standing there looking over at the center and he is ahead of the ball that he is in the wrong place. He has played football since he was a child! How do you even make this mistake? It definitely wasn’t the refs fault though, that one is all on him.

  3. @johnvasi says:

    Rich Eisen is ridiculous here. The officiating was exactly what it should be. The flag was thrown before there was any real action on the play. If Mahomes was intercepted on that play, would he be going nuts at the bad call?

    • @axe2grind244 says:

      He’s talking about a play that technically never happened. Very odd for an adult to be fixated on something that wasn’t real. Do I get to pretend that Scott Norwoods kick was good and the Bills won SB25?

    • @melanicwhoosh says:

      Refs discuss the flag before confirming the penalty. So while it was thrown immediately it could have been picked up. This would have been wrong. It was offside. It’s just poor play – how does an NFL pro not know how to line up onside.

    • @terrybangley2281 says:

      The bills would have declined the penalty and kept the ball

    • @williamgriffith6061 says:

      The ONLY reason people call for anything different is because it was an all time electrifying play. If the result was a dud 2 yrd shovel pass, no one would be talking abou t weather or not this call should have been made.

    • @shibity says:

      Interception is kind of a bad example because the defense is allowed to decline the penalty and live with the result, which is exactly the reason they don’t stop play in the first place.

  4. @chuomge6598 says:

    This would’ve been different if it was like the offsides last year with McLaurin where he specifically asked the ref if he was fine and the ref said yes. Not only was it egregiously offsides, but Toney never even bothered asking

  5. @natividadsalinasii2629 says:

    The thing here that no one is mentioning is that the flag was thrown right away while he still has the ball in his hands. The moment is only big after the fact.

  6. @josephscannell2725 says:

    Can I just say, as an Eagles fan, after watching what happened at the end of the SB, seeing how Mahomes behaved is wild. Again, as an Eagles fan, Bradberry held, no question. They had barely called it all game, and calling it when they did is a judgment call not a lot of people agreed with because it spoiled what could have been an epic ending. Watching Mahomes act like a 5 year old for a blanantly objective call on a game in December is as hilarious as it is childish. He has gotten officiated mostly the same way Brady did in New England, and instead of lighting Toney up for incompetence, he chooses to light the officials up. That’s just wild

    • @johndelessio6762 says:

      I understand what you’re saying, but everyone forgets that refs can only call what they see. Holding can be called on every play. What do coaches say? If you hold don’t get caught!

    • @j-slotsfromdabackblockstv8105 says:

      Everything he said in his interview is what all eagles fans felt in the superbowl and the fact the QB of the team the Eagles lost to is acting like this is crazy

    • @jamesg872 says:

      Rich touched on it, it’s pent up frustration affecting rational behavior. That non-call in the Packers game was as egregious as the Saints-Rams playoff game incident. I’ve also seen some truly sketchy calls against the Eagles this year. Chiefs WRs undoubtedly need to fix their game, and in this situation they messed up bad, but the bad officiating as a whole is changing outcomes.

    • @timjones747 says:

      The players are fired up and passionate. But these players who get a bad call or are not happy with the refs are not realizing how many wins they had on their Superbowl run where the turning point of several wins in their season were the result of bad calls in their favor. Don’t act like you are unique or that it is personal.

  7. @Yachtsea says:

    Mahomes ended the game on that play because he couldn’t let it go. They had 3 more opportunities. His reaction on the sidelines was after 3 MORE PLAYS and all they needed was a field goal to tie it. Props to the Bill defense to hold them out, but Mahomes definitely was not 100% mentally there because he couldn’t let that play go, he ended the game on that play.

    • @charlie-obrien says:

      Mahomes reacting like that and costing his team is really disappointing, but Andy Reid backing up such antics is heartbreaking.
      I expect apologies to be forthcoming.

    • @tommytsunami4910 says:

      Yea bro he doesn’t play football he plays the refs for calls. I like this. I’m gonna use it lol

    • @nextgr8test says:

      @@charlie-obrienwhy do so few people not understand that it’s not because the flag was thrown, it’s because the officials gave the wr the okay like they always do when they line up, and yet still threw the flag. Or if Toney didn’t check, there’s always a warning like Reid said. They don’t have to, but if they’ve done it before why not then? That’s the frustration. They know the offsides was there they just don’t like that the officials picked this time to be hard nosed about it

    • @charlie-obrien says:

      First, like Rich said it’s a grey area as to whether or not they advise players who don’t ask…Second that same call has been made many times this season and even during the Sun night game…
      Third, the KC fans are losing it because it cost them a touchdown…well, thems the breaks when it comes to penalties.
      Ask anyone who has ever watched the NFL.
      I’m hoping KC comes to accept the reality that is clearly seen by everyone else watching these games.

    • @NiiiKKKOOO says:

      @@nextgr8testdoesn’t look like the ref ever gave him the okay. Doesn’t look like toney even checked.
      And as the ref said, he was lined up so far offsides that he’s beyond a warning, especially if he doesn’t check with the ref.

  8. @Callycat868 says:

    If the officials don’t call a penalty of this, then what is the point of having any rules?

  9. @CyGea says:

    You can’t tell me any Bills’ fan watching the line of scrimmage weren’t screaming “offsides” as so as that play started.

  10. @MikeP_ says:

    It was 100 % the correct call and it was so obvious that the referees had no chance of holding their flags. Referees should call this violation every time, because they are not responsible for helping teams that are not capable of lining up correctly. And they threw the flag way before the ball left Mahomes’ hand. It was pathetic behavior by the Chiefs. And Toney was the one scoring the touchdown, how in the world can you even play the “didn’t affect the play” defense? Madness.

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