Character Demo – “Furina: All the World’s a Stage” | Genshin Impact

Character Demo – “Furina: All the World’s a Stage” | Genshin Impact

Le monde n’est qu’une scène.
Il vaut mieux rire que pleurer,
car le rire est le propre de l’homme.
Riez de tout cela, ne vous inquiétez pas.
Profitons d’aujourd’hui.

English Translation:
The world is but a stage.
Why cry, when you can laugh instead?
For laughter is humanity’s preserve.
Laugh it all off, fret not,
Let’s just enjoy the moment.

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33 Responses

  1. cleo says:

    I can’t believe she just imagines scenarios and reverses the roles and plays with neuvillette’s hair. SHES SO AMAZING

  2. Best Avocado says:

    she’s so unserious and it’s amazing 😭 plus you can tell the people who make the demos had SO much fun with her 😩💕

  3. AmelaK says:

    Furina’s demo is so fun and full of smiles! The music is SOO ON POINT, especially the French vocals at the end. All the cast members of Fontaine, especially Childe in the cinematic motions is so refreshing to see! I love her, I LOVE FURINA! Good luck for everyone pulling for her 💙

  4. Tilline says:

    You might not notice that her Ousia alignment(short hair, black accents on outfit), she is on the stage. All the spotlight is on her, she is the Main CHARACTER of the PERFORMANCE.
    While her Pneuma counterpart(long hair, white accents on outfit), she’s the one holding the camera. She is like the AUDIENCE of the PERFOMANCE.

    • FishyyKhoi says:

      I think that’s because Focalor tricked her people and the heavenly principals into believing she was the real hydro archon (aka Furina) for 500 years. So to others Focalor is Furina because Focalor actually the director or “mastermind”.

    • NeL H says:

      Wait… is that a black swan reference?

  5. Alexsander says:

    reference to Archon quest
    2:17 Lyue: Childe= traveler and Melusines= millelith
    2:20 Mondstadt: Neuvi =Traveller and Navia=Signora
    2:27 Sumeru: Lyney=Nahida
    2:30 Fontaine: maybe here could be an allusion to the new act showing on Live = “cut in the head” or when Clorinde saves him?

  6. Lupa 00 says:

    I watched the fight scene at 2:51 in slow motion and i don’t regret it.
    lyney and Lynette doing that “Fight Back” jojo scene
    Childe doing a flying kick and jumping into one guy
    Neuvilette and wesley kicking and punching some guy

    It’s just way too good

  7. vepta says:

    Gotta love the interactions between Furina and the whole Fontaine cast.

  8. Angellette says:

    You know the trailer is an absolute banger when it reaches 1m in 8 hours :DD Furina is such a queen, i love her trailer <33 and i love the vocals in the last part, their voice is absolutely amazing to hear :DD

  9. Altair_ says:

    Another thing I noticed is at 2:32. The key changes to C# which is described to having A pure, certain, and decisive manner, full of innocence, earnestness, and deepest religious feeling.

    It honestly fits Furina all together.

  10. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    I love how every archons trailer is just fully their personality. the vibes and music each fit them perfectly!

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