Character Teaser – “Lyney: Gloves of Wonder” | Genshin Impact

Character Teaser – “Lyney: Gloves of Wonder” | Genshin Impact

A magician’s mission is to challenge the limits of the imagination.
Bright moonlight illuminates his palms, lighting up a miraculous universe.

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42 Responses

  1. GamePapa says:

    Props to Lyney for being a magician in a world where magic is actually real. Mad respect, King!

    • Andrew's Mobs says:


    • BlackHeart says:

      Truelly 😂

    • Arno Wisp says:

      Even when Magic us real. Much of what he does is entertainment.

    • Vanisher S says:

      Yeah right? He plays well his cards in a sort of “The feeling of magic vs Actual magic”. Since elements, Mora and other things such as ley lines or the Irminsul have a systematic nature that gives a sense of control, he has to create a situation where whatever happens has to look imposible to achieve, like it doesn’t make sense or goes against the nature of the world, despite it being magical. It is magnificent if you think of it, and also explains why people can still be impressed even if the trick is old and more or less cheap (like the hat thing).

    • José Nunes says:

      ALL the raises for this Genius!!!

  2. madenna100 says:

    The shot of Lyney holding the moon 1:30 seems very ominous. His whole talk about magic and perception definitely goes beyond just his job, so it’ll be interesting to see his role in Fontaine’s story.

    • BlackHeart says:

      True ! Feels like there is something more to their “performance”

    • Farook K-MOON says:

      This archon quest chapter will “masquerade of the guilty” so it’s all about deception

    • The Name Shall Not Be Shown says:

      The first thought I got the moment I saw moon on his hand is “WE GONNA STEAL THE MOON, BOY”

    • MiyuKawasaki says:

      ​@Farook K-MOONWell the chapter name might got changed like sumeru’s

    • Suha says:

      Remember the Subzeruz Festival? We discovered that the Moon signifies ‘illusions and lies’, the very basics of magicians to do their tricks!

      I love how everything we learn is interconnected in the next patches!

  3. Nguyen Nguyen says:

    As a magician myself, it is very exciting to see some of the lessons I have learned in real life become present in this game. Good luck to everyone wishing!

  4. •𝙓𝙮𝙣𝙩𝙝• says:

    I truly love seeing Lyney and Lynnette, their omnious appearance and mysterious behaviour give the air thickness. Lyney’s slow and calm voice gives you goosebumps, the atmosphere is intense whenever he walks into the room. It’s so refreshing, characters so cold have such a soothing aura

  5. Undertaker says:

    from Blade’s maniacal laughter to Lyney’s sweet charming words. this VA is amazing ✨

  6. MANbeusekGO says:

    The fact that Lyney’s VA, Daman Mills voices Star Rail’s Blade is INSANE! Keep up the great work Daman, we believe in you! ❤

  7. Kyouno says:

    Hes the only character in Genshin that can actually make Diona’s drink terrible. Diona would definetly be good friends with him

  8. Dr. Tuxedo says:

    It’s crazy that with each passing nation, the animations just keep getting better and better! Can’t wait to see the rest of the cast, I’ve been so hyped for Fontaine.

  9. Hu Tao Cute ♪ says:

    Lyney expressiveness is too amazing… He’s really good at creating an atmosphere, I can’t help but be drawn in

  10. Al P. says:

    I just love Lyney’s eyes in this. They’re so well drawn and animated. Absolutely stunning and beautiful!

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