Elden Ring, but a random disaster happens every 2 minutes

Elden Ring, but a random disaster happens every 2 minutes

Malenia is the best, we get along great.

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About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food

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52 Responses

  1. TacoEspionage says:

    Everytime Doug picked up a new weapon, says it sucks a lot, only to discover it rips ass and he wasn’t two-handing the weapon. Truly one of the Elden ring gamers of all time

    • Grieving Titan says:

      1k likes and no comments? let me fix that

    • Thomas says:

      @Undead_Rising Maybe you could actually fucking contribute to the conversation with that comment instead.

      Anyway, yeah, it’s kind of weird that Elden Ring lets you one hand two-handed weapons. Took me a minute to figure out.

    • The Funky Fish says:

      ​@Thomastwo-handing ups your strength by 1.5X or smthn, so it let’s you use weapons you normally wouldn’t have enough strength to use

    • ngmonster 101 says:

      @Thomas No weapon is truly a two handed weapon though, two handing just increases strength by 1.5 so you can use weapons that you don’t meet the strength requirement for, as well as increasing damage for strength scaling weapons. You can still one hand any weapon if you have the requirements, and one handing allows you to put a weapon in each hand, giving unique dual wield movesets for every weapon type.

  2. Alex Haney says:

    Chat INSTANTLY going fully feral on the horny levels the second they get control of Melina’s voice program is both hilarious and completely on-brand.

  3. Noodle man says:

    I am fully predicting that at any point when Ranni or Melina is on screen, chat is going to become mentally insane

  4. Kaitlin Healey says:

    i remember joining this stream halfway through and being incredibly confused. the typical dougdoug experience

  5. Nowhere says:

    Alternate title: Chat flirts despises Doug as Maruana for 30 minutes.

  6. Gabriel says:

    This video looks so normal!!! I can’t wait to watch doug do normal things!!!

  7. Harry Mansfield says:

    Thank you Douglas Douglas. Truly the side character we needed doing the side character work.

  8. TJRivers says:

    Let us pay homage to all the equipment lost this run o7

    5:54 Longsword, Heater Shield, Full set of Vagabond starting armor; Killed by Beastman of Farum Azula
    (Lost in the upside-down)

    8:15 Halberd; Killed by Erdtree Burial Watchdog
    (The most Doug has ever lost on a coin flip)

    9:03 Lordsworn’s Greatsword; Killed by Erdtree Burial Watchdog, again
    (Doug swears that he pressed the roll button)

    14:42 Club; Killed by Doug
    (Slain by his own death glare after falling off a cliff)

    16:54 Spiked Club; Killed by Night’s Cavalry
    (Or, perhaps he was killed by Melina’s jealousy?)

    18:01 Flail; Killed by Bloody Finger Nerijus
    (Next time try hitting the enemy)

    18:38 Erdsteel Dagger; Killed by Bloody Finger Nerijus, again
    (Even though his plan was foolproof)

    20:59 Bloodhound’s Fang, Cloth Trousers; Killed by Kaiden Sellsword(?)
    (But at least his drawing of Shrek was a flawless masterpiece)

    23:05 Large Club; Cloth Garb; Killed by Troll
    (Melina will be pissed that Doug lost her dress)

    29:49 Killed by Lion Guardian (no equipment lost as Doug was unarmed and fully nude)

    30:45 Olive Garden’s Breadsticks; Lost when Doug killed Godrick, the Head Chef

    Morningstar, Great Turtle Shell, Exile Armor, Page Trousers
    (With assistance from Nepheli Loux and a pack of ghost wolves)

  9. Bomberthegreat says:

    I love that in no time at all Melina’s name changes like 10 times in rapid succession.

  10. Klick404 says:

    This is the first playthrough of Elden Ring I’ve ever seen. I’m so glad I got the authentic experience

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