Charles Barkley reacts to Ben Simmons’ situation with the Sixers | NBA on TNT

Charles Barkley reacts to Ben Simmons’ situation with the Sixers | NBA on TNT

The Inside crew discusses Ben Simmons’ return to Philly & one-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team.

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44 Responses

  1. Devrick Thomas, M.S. says:

    Kenny was caping for Ben at the beginning of the video, smh.

  2. RPM says:

    1:36 “You guys want me to take Ben Simmons out the game??” -Charles Barkley (in Doc Rivers voice)

  3. Respect Begets Respect says:

    I agree with Charles on this one. Plenty of blame to go around but ultimately Ben needs to get better.

    • AnimeGirl 8792 says:

      He need to experience failure bc he so afraid to try

    • methus57 says:

      95% Been Simmons to blame, Sixers 3%, Rivers 2%

    • methus57 says:

      @AnimeGirl 8792 I’ll experience horrible failure for 35 mill a year

    • Fireman 21 says:

      @David Voicecoil but he is truly overpaid if he does not improve, lol. This is about the perspective of people who support Philadelphia and basketball as a whole. If he is paid that much, he should be aware of the expectations of the franchise. We all know he is better than this, but the man just refused to try hard. He GAVE UP, for short.

    • Scrub says:

      @David Voicecoil so you think people like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are “immature” and “childish” because they spent thousands of hours in the gym trying to perfect their craft so they can win a championship? The goal for nearly every single NBA player is try to win a championship, does that mean nearly every single NBA player has a mental disorder for being competitive?

  4. Spencer Luyben says:

    So good to have these guys back

  5. Plague Doc says:

    None of these things would’ve been an issue if Ben would simply put in the work to improve as a player. It’s been multiple years with zero improvements.

    • Catherine Williams says:

      @Wakanda DQ Official I tell ya, I think Chuck put a curse on the team when he left. I haven’t figured out if he did it on purpose or not.

    • Pierre Causemybladdersempty says:

      Zero improvement? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard. He’s improved vastly just not with his shooting. There’s more to basketball than shooting

    • only truth says:

      That’s what’s so Bizarre & Shocking about this Whole Episode ? ! … He’s the 1 who’s been Negligent about improving ‘his’ craft … but yet & still , he’s the 1 that feels OFFENDED & CONTEMPTIBLE about it , like someone’s done something against him ??? ! … Where do they do that at ??? ! … This dude is off in his ‘Own’ World , he will NEVER take ownership of ‘his’ short comings … ln his Distorted Delusional Eyes , he has NONE ? ! …

    • amogus says:

      @Catherine Williams u seen his posts on ig he be hittin those 3s tho

    • Fireman 21 says:

      @Catherine Williams well then they should ship Ben to the Pistons and replace him in the 2021 all star game record with Trae Young.

  6. Uasakura says:

    carrying a phone is gutsy man, 9/10 times u will drop it.

  7. Christian Abraham says:

    Ernie, Shaq, Kenny and Chuck
    Ladies and Gentlemen, the True Champs are Back 🔥

  8. Triton XLS says:

    Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving must play together 😀

  9. Yael Yuzon says:

    Draymond is a pretty selfless player, let’s not compare him to Ben Simmons. Guy plays with so much heart, late second round pick, works hard every single game. Let’s not, come on man. Come on.

    • beau gilbert says:

      @Hyde 37 but there just not man, whereas ben does have a similar body style as draymond, he never has, and in my opinion, never will play on the same level as him or any of the grade A+ athletes 150 million or not!

    • Israel says:

      @beau gilbert he’s talking about their roles on offense and their defensive versatility. Yes they have different personalities but the roles they play are very similar.

    • Gaming Ph says:

      Plus dray can make his FTs

    • blair bryan says:

      If you cannot see they both are elite defenders with no shooting then I don’t know what you are watching. They are the same player. Only draymond is happy and Ben is not. And for those that don’t think Ben can shoot just sit back and watch what happens when he is out of Philly. He hasn’t been happy there for a least 3 years.

    • PercocetPastor👨‍⚕️ says:

      The game is rigged calm down

  10. Phil.K says:

    I missed the the BOYS so bad man!!! I was counting down the days for inside for a while now. I’m so happy the best sports show ever is back!

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