Charlo vs Castano 2 HIGHLIGHTS: May 14, 2022 | PBC on Showtime

Charlo vs Castano 2 HIGHLIGHTS: May 14, 2022 | PBC on Showtime

(May 14, 2022) In a history-making performance, Jermell Charlo again showed he’s the master of the rematch. Unified WBC, WBA and IBF World Champion Jermell Charlo picked up the WBO title with a dramatic 10th-round KO of Brian Castaño in a rematch of their 2021 masterpiece to become the first ever undisputed male 154-pound champion in the four-belt era on Saturday, May 14 live on SHOWTIME from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson. The bout, which was another Fight of the Year-type encounter, headlined a Premier Boxing Champions event before an announced crowd of 7,406.

The end came when Charlo (35-1-1, 18 KOs) dropped Castaño with a short, left hook as he was fighting off the ropes with around a minute left in the 10th. Castaño (17-1-2, 12 KOs) rose on unsteady legs and was allowed to continue and Charlo jumped on him, landing a vicious left to the head and body that caused Castaño to collapse and referee Jerry Cantu to wave off the bout at 2:33 of the 10th.

Saturday’s ending was reminiscent of the way Charlo closed his fight with Tony Harrison in their 2019 rematch when he KO’d Harrison in the 11th round after Harrison dethroned him in 2018.

Charlo, 31, is trained by Derrick James, who helped orchestrate Errol Spence Jr.’s 10th-round stoppage of Yordenis Ugas to pick up a third welterweight title on April 16 from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Charlo and Castaño went toe-to-toe for 12 grueling rounds the first time they fought on July 17, 2021 on SHOWTIME, with the back-and-forth tilt ending in a split-decision draw. Charlo didn’t leave it in the judges’ hands on Saturday.

“This is legacy,” Charlo said in the ring afterward. “This is something that is legendary. I’m a legend. I knew Castaño was going to give it his all. I knew I had trained very, very hard but you all can see that I came in at 152 pounds because I was really in shape, and I wanted to make sure that this was my fight.”

The rematch was previously announced to take place on March 19 but was rescheduled after Castaño suffered an arm injury in training. The delay angered Charlo, who accused Castaño of gamesmanship in the run-up.

But the two shook hands and praised the other’s tenacity on Saturday after sharing the ring for a combined 22 rounds.

“We showed that we are warriors,” Castaño said. “We both were fighting back-and-forth. He’s a champion. He hit me. He got me. But I’m okay.”

Charlo produced a calm, clinically efficient and ultimately punishing performance. Expecting Castaño to fight aggressively and apply pressure, Charlo boxed effectively off his back foot, utilizing a hard jab and a counter-left that repeatedly found its target, none more violently than the final moments of the match.

Just like the first match, Castaño again landed a number of overhand rights and was successful in spots with his constant pressure. The fight was again fought at a torrid pace with both fighters hurting the other. But just like in the first fight, when Charlo gathered strength as the fight went on and won the final three rounds on all the judges’ scorecards, Charlo again wrested control of the bout in the late stages on Saturday.

“I listened to my corner this time,” he said. “I got in my bag around the seventh round. I started sitting down a little bit more instead of boxing so much and moving around. I saw that he was wearing down a little bit and I was breaking him down. I just saw my punches being more effective. I get stronger in the later rounds if they didn’t know.”

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49 Responses

  1. AKHi TV says:

    Charlo a lion 🦁 in the ring. Can’t deny his undisputed greatness in one of the deepest divisions in boxing. Never ducked anyone and fought everyone. Respect ✊🏽 much deserved victory, now Charlo # 4 P4P in all of boxing 🥊

    • Joseph petrizzo jr says:

      Lol 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆, let him move up in weight to fight bigger & better guys, he’s at 154 try 165 170 to see how good he really is.

    • BTouch454 says:

      @David Montero says who, you!? So most say it’s one of the deepest, 1or 2, so how does what you say overseed what most say? Off top there are like 17 divisions, so now I ask you to put 4 divisions ahead of it.

    • BRIAN LOPEZ says:

      U mean he runs from lions

    • BTouch454 says:

      @Thekill3rb3ast this is a racist boxing channel??

    • BTouch454 says:

      @Aaron Calderon yeah it looks like it, the way his head kept leaning toward the canvas! 😆😆 I mean, that is the proper way to dive right.?

  2. Kenny G says:

    Good win for Charlo!! This will be the greatest year of boxing that we haven’t seen in years!! 💪🏾

  3. Lark Wons says:

    Congrats to Jermell for becoming undisputed🇺🇸🇺🇸 Massive respect for Brian Castaño for giving us a great fight.

  4. Johnathon McMullen says:

    Not a Charlo fan but must say it’s the best most complete performance I’ve seen from him….Outstanding Well Done Undisputed

    • Staytruealways says:

      He can be even better if he had a better defense

    • AlwaysKingYT says:

      @Dared 2 Be Great Took That L who gives a damn about you either. hes got an opinion and i agree. ive never liked charlo. boy isnt that great. but hype him up all you want. boy got losses on his record for a reason.

    • AlwaysKingYT says:

      @J Hype boy got hit so many times . not a charlo or garcia fan but garcia will knock this boy if he doesnt learn how to start protecting himself.

    • Dared 2 Be Great Took That L says:

      Don’t care if a guy name johnthan isn’t a fan. He doesn’t know lol

    • tai. McDonald says:

      I’m just glad you can actually give credit and not make and excuse for castano

  5. MMABOXING says:

    Man Boxing has really been on a roll lately, Every single weekend there’s been a great fight on. Like I’m not even over last week’s Fight then suddenly BOOM another great fight, Keep it because I’m currently HOOKED. Benavidez vs Lemieux next week should be fun 🔥

  6. Wayne Scott says:

    Charlo really showed he could do it all this fight. Efficienct jab, Nice one/two with a strong straight right hand, he actually hit Castano with some nice body shots all fight every round, right and left counter hooks, sat in the pocket some and boxed off the back foot as well. Then he stops the kid👀 doesn’t just beat Castano, Mel stopped Castano!!!!

    • harry Wizard says:

      You’ve said exactly what I’m thinking by far his best performance

    • Zack Petrio says:

      Haven’t seen a better performance and improvement from a fighter than jermell in years
      What a showing
      I still feel like he’s getting to know his craft more and running at like 70-80%

    • Robert Dredden says:

      Yeah man phenomenal action!

  7. Hollis2Hollywood says:

    Charlo fought a much smarter fight for the most part. He limited the reckless exchanges sans a few rounds. He used his jab and body punches more instead of trying to trade hooks with Castano. He countered more effectively and didn’t get over zealous when he connected. He still got hit a little too much because he didn’t hold the phone and keep his left hand up but he limited Castano’s effectiveness by using his reach to maintain distance. His footwork was superb. He stayed off the ropes more in this fight and created opportunities with strong pivots and angles. Great stuff.

    • Zack Petrio says:

      Key word smarter fight
      Thats what he lacked for the most part in past fights and that L he took was the best thing that’s happened to him
      Haven’t seen anyone improve as good as he has in a long time

  8. Bxng World says:

    CHARLO is a warrior, he showed great resilience, discipline and power in that ring on the night!

    • Brian McIntyre says:

      Mell is a good fighter. I give props to Derrick James. He showed his fighter the way. Mell executed the plan

  9. Culture Boxing says:

    This is easily the best of the 7 UNDISPUTED Fights that have happened in the 4 belt Era in Boxing. Amazing fight from both 🇺🇸 🇦🇷

  10. Rehtul Uv says:

    This is why 1 loss shouldn’t taint your career bc you can always come back and win. He got his belt back from Harrison and punished him. Went on to become undisputed. Never give up folks.

    • Zack Petrio says:

      And this is why everyone should fight the best even when the fight presents itself

    • Official Flame says:

      @Rehtul Uv bruh you know harrison outclass charlo and kept the jab in front . No cap that fight was harrison he just didn’t close out. The Knock down was of the strength of being lax. He didn’t KO harrison . It was stop by referee

    • Official Flame says:

      @Rehtul Uv yes I watched it and harrison was up on charlo until later rds. He didn’t get smash but he took them later rds for granted that cost him the 2nd fight

    • Official Flame says:

      @You Tuber harrison was up on charlo that fight until he once again got lax . He punish himself be not finishing strong and let the hype get to him. He out class Charlo but wasn’t fit for the 12

    • sf2explus says:

      the unbeaten nonsense was invented by floyd mayweather. does not make anyone greater by being unbeaten. joe calzaghe was unbeaten but all his major wins was against over the hill legends and only one big win vs some up and coming american fighter. for me nigel benn and eubank are better than calzaghe.

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