Chris Stapleton Sings the National Anthem at Super Bowl LVII

Chris Stapleton Sings the National Anthem at Super Bowl LVII

Chris Stapleton Sings the National Anthem at Super Bowl LVII
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42 Responses

  1. Jin Kim says:

    I’m not even American, but the Country style rendition of the National Anthem, the Eagles coach shedding tears, and the US Navy with the supercarrier and jets – what a great way to showcase America and instill patriotism in its people. The performance was beautiful and gave me goosebumps.

  2. Nick Crim says:

    As somebody who loves when R&B singers put their spin on it, Chris ATE on this!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Hands down the best country and blues singer we got right now 🙌🏿

  3. Karen Kelley says:

    This was a truly heartfelt National Anthem. He probably knows many veterans who served their country. My grandad was Navy, my Dad was Air Force and my son is an Infantry veteran. Let us never forget that every veteran has lost friends who served.

    • Ari Dude says:

      @Elindil you have to go back 80 years. A lot has happened since then.

    • Elindil says:

      @Ari Dude what i was talking is about how the national anthem was made it was during the time people are sacrificing it. And don’t talk to me about soldiers invading other countries, we have been save by the americans during the world war 2. After the japanese invade us. We have different stories and experiences about it.

    • Mars The Mind says:

      Maybe he’s a just a very good singer/artist

    • Ari Dude says:

      @Elindil what the heck are you talking about? Soldiers don’t go abroad to preserve your freedom and peaceful life. They go abroad to invade sovereign countries and bring death and destruction to innocents all over the world. the exact opposite of what you think they’re fighting for. This isn’t a condemnation of soldiers but a condemnation of people who lie to them.

  4. Ralph Figueroa says:

    Seriously one of the best renditions of our national anthem that’s ever been done. Chris’s voice is absolutely amazing! What a beautiful tribute to our country and to our nation.

  5. Jaimie says:

    He just has that voice that makes you FEEL something. I love this version. Great rendition. God bless the USA.

  6. Veritas Aequitas says:

    Exactly what this country needed right now. So beautiful and patriotic. Thank you, Chris Stapleton!

    • Matthew Walton says:

      @Bronson Leach What about a computer programmer? Have you tried getting hired at Google/Facebook/Twitter without a college degree? What about any middle management position at a major corporation like Tesla or Amazon? What about being a politician — how many votes are you going to get if all you have is a high school diploma? What about an engineer? You forgot that one. I could go on and on . . . It’s not just doctors, lawyers, scientists, and professors/teachers who need a higher education. How about actually learning how the job market functions before commenting on it? A little research goes a long way.

    • Matthew Walton says:

      @Bronson Leach Instead you suck at the udder of some greedy corporation whose singular goal is to maximize profit, even if it comes at the expense of your health? You want to explain to me how that makes _any_ sense?

    • Elias Sanchez says:

      @soso so 1:21 my guy is tearing up when i saw this on tv of the dude crying tears of happiness and sadness in my heart i was crying tears of happiness and joy cause our beloved United States is the most beautiful state that we all live in together sending happiness and joy to our all the wonderful people and the children that we all love in the united states of America and California

    • David Tomlinson says:

      The popup racist on every entertainment events that doesn’t it include giant trucks or NASCAR races is here. Say hi. Adolf!

    • Bronson Leach says:

      @peterbrown194  That flag was born through the blood of American citizens fighting for what this country could be. This nation was born from rebellion and is now the strongest nation in the world. You can’t be free unless you are willing to fight and die for it. That is just the price of democracy and we have paid that dept for a very long time with the blood of the young sons and daughters of this nation.

  7. Laura K says:

    I haven’t heard the national anthem done that well in a long time. That was incredible.

  8. Dawson Steagall says:

    And Chris once again does what he does best, captivate a crowd, silence a room/stadium,brings you to literal TEARS, that’s what music is about, feelin it deep.

  9. Alex Prince says:

    I’m Australian but even I was moved by this performance, absolutely amazing. Sending love and peace to all you Americans out there!

  10. Adam Tamillo says:

    Best rendition cause he sang it with respect and soul. Sent a chill down my spine. That’s how it’s done. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

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