Chuck Todd Announces Departure From ‘Meet The Press’, Kristen Welker To Replace Him

Chuck Todd Announces Departure From ‘Meet The Press’, Kristen Welker To Replace Him

Meet the Press host and moderator Chuck Todd announced on Sunday that he will step down this year after nine years hosting the public affairs talk show. Kristen Welker, NBC News co-chief White House correspondent, will succeed him. (NBC)

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40 Responses

  1. Susan R says:

    Tim Russert educated the viewers by pointing out facts. That educated better than anyone can do it. Kristen take note.

  2. Shawn says:

    I understand the first amendment, but I wish there was a law that forced these cable ‘news’ networks to put up a banner/disclaimer saying “This isn’t a news show, it’s an opinion show.”……Fox, Cnn, Msnbc etc…

  3. MrGruffteddybear says:

    Corporate media doesn’t really challenge politicians they rarely ask follow up questions and they all seek profit over really educating the public.

    • shelby says:


    • my account says:

      Because they are all one big Corporate Partnership….they go from government to media from media to government….it’s the same players in both arenas

    • robert patterson says:

      @my account Yes it’s true. We are all played as fools to their ultimate controlling end game. Power never relinquishes itself to the righteous!! “The duty of the patriot is to protect its country from its government”t: Tom Paine.

    • joyce joseph says:

      CNN, please note

  4. Roland Connor says:

    I hope he doesn’t read most of these comments, but yes Tim Russert was the platinum standard before such biased coverage consumed MSM. Real journalism is dead on these platforms.

  5. Heath Wirt says:

    Meet The Press needs a person like Tim Russet that had a moral compass and doesn’t fall back on both siding every issue regardless of the facts.

  6. Dee Leoni says:

    Chuck Todd leaving “Meet The Press”? Well, I don’t know about anyone else but that’s the best news I’ve heard so far this month!

  7. MarkS Cincinnati says:

    A result of following the political horse race instead of focusing on issues.

  8. Martha Lisk says:

    Tim Russet was the best. Broke my heart when he passed away. Big shoes to fill.

  9. Todd Wood says:

    Calling yourself a “leader” in this moment – especially when you are a leader to only the weak – is quite presumptuous.

    • Paul Thomas says:

      I knew when I saw the title we’d hear how great he and show were. I loved the objective attacks on everything a conservative said…and would repeated interrupt and nip like a poodle or dalmation bitting at the ankles.

    • Jeff Hodge says:

      @Paul Thomas Everything a Conservative says needs to be challenged. In 1864, J.S. Mill said, “Stupid people are generally conservative.” Can’t argue with that sentiment.

  10. Joseph Smith says:

    As an Independent Constitutionalist , when it comes the good moderator as well as journalist chuck todd couldn’t carry Tim Russet’s Balls..

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