Why MLB Can’t Stop Pitchers From Cheating

Why MLB Can’t Stop Pitchers From Cheating

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47 Responses

  1. EDF1919 says:

    “The same company that made napalm, agent orange, hydrogen bombs, and breast implants. Are working with MLB to make a new baseball.” That was a fucking flashbang of a sentence.

    • NightRogue says:

      And rhymes with POW

    • StiebFan37 says:

      Monsanto baby
      Edit: Dow chemicals apparently

    • Tinil0 says:

      It’s also…completely irrelevant? It seems like it’s trying to be sensationalistic for no reason. DOW chemicals has made THOUSANDS of things over the years, I don’t see what cherry picking supposedly “controversial” ones has to do with baseball. They are a chemical company. They make chemicals. MLB wants a chemical. I don’t get why you would even mention all that unless you had no idea who DOW was and just randomly clicked on their wikipedia page and looked for controversies.

  2. Butch420Cassidy says:

    Losing 7-5 while throwing a no hitter is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard😂

    • wolsgang d says:

      well I mean it wasn’t really a “no-hitter” considering the ball was doing all of the hitting lmao

    • StiebFan37 says:

      Loses in no hitters have even happened in the mlb, and they weren’t too long ago

    • Montana Olle says:

      @StiebFan37 One of my favorite pieces of Astros trivia is that the first time that the franchise (then known as the Colt .45’s) made significant history was becoming the first team in league history to lose a no-hitter in a regulation 9-inning game back in 1964. The “Dome” opened up the next year and then that became what Houston baseball was known for, but for a brief moment in time it was all about the confusion of how you can possibly lose a no-hitter😂

    • K E says:

      GD can u drone on ANY longer about the same thing in the same nasaly voice with edits every 8s so there is no natural pause in what you are saying? I’m trying to clean my garage and near the end of this i felt like my mother was nagging me.

  3. Slinky_Malinki says:

    King of Juco tested the alcohol vs rosin thing and in a 1 minute video he proved that the alcohol made the ball stickier. Scherzer got ejected and banned for 10 games for doing exactly what the umpires told him to do. It’s ridiculous

    • Briansgate says:

      Bauer did it before him.

    • Rob Mckennie says:

      Rosin softened with alcohol is exceptionally sticky, I use a mixture of rosin and alcohol for soldering and it works very well for that, but it makes a hell of a mess when you spill it

    • meepk says:

      Or King of Juco and Scherzer were both lying. I guess it just depends on which group of total strangers you choose to believe: ones who would make money from cheating or ones who want their sport to be fair.

    • 𝕮𝖚𝖗𝖗𝖞 𝖘𝖖𝖚𝖆𝖉! says:

      @Briansgate but it’s legal to use what Bauer uses 😂

  4. Kragaar says:

    Just guessing, MLB doesn’t want to use the Japanese/Korean balls because then they don’t control them. They want to be able to change the formulation of the sticky stuff so they can play with spin rates, walks, strikeouts, etc. without letting anyone else know in the middle of the season.

    • Bobby Gets Banned says:

      Damn it you’re right. They could easily use the Japanese balls but you’re right, they want to fuck with the balls depending on how they think the season is going. Man the MLB seriously is that sleazy.

    • Marc John says:

      I kind of feel like there’s a huge conflict of interest problem with MLB manufacturing the balls for that reason, it should probably be illegal, because they can manipulate results.

    • Matheus Schramm says:

      There’s more to it, MLB owns a significant part of rawlings responsible to make the baseballs. The Japanese/Korean balls are made by different companies (I think the japanese ball is a Mizuno)

    • Cornpop says:

      @Bobby Gets Bannedcrazy all the shit they do with the balls every year. It’s always some shady nonsense

    • Cornpop says:

      @Marc Johnand they will. Hate all the rule changes specifically designed to change outcomes. That’s what bothers me the most. Artificially manipulating the game

  5. WBsteve says:

    The fact that this keeps happening and the MLB has not realized why it’s happening is crazy to me.

  6. jordan. says:

    whats crazy is pitchers are cheating so much that it almost seems like baseball exists

  7. CityofMagic says:

    Being consistent is hard for MLB

  8. Arda Yiğitsoy says:

    Honestly this just proves bauer was right

    • Aiden Awe says:

      I agree, Mr Trevor Bauer knew this the whole time.

    • Bo J. says:

      Yeah he was right. It’s not an easy problem though. And unfortunately for him, it kinda seems like he’s not a very good pitcher without a lot of sticky stuff, going by his last few starts in Japan.

    • CharlesFreck says:

      @Bo J. Bro, he got banned for so long from professional play. He was a great pitcher without sticky stuff, what’s hurt him is over a year of not playing and dealing with an insane amount of personal stress from a BS lawsuit

    • jx14aby says:

      @CharlesFreck Like my brother always says, “Sometimes the f**king you get ain’t worth the f**king you get.”

    • CharlesFreck says:

      @jx14aby Ain’t that the truth

  9. The Texans Are Not Real says:

    I’m ok with pitchers cheating as long as it benefits my favorite team

  10. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    The Trash Panda no-hitter reminds me of the White Sox vs. Detroit game where the only runs were scored due to wild pitches. The last one being in extra innings and directly into the umpires face.. 😶😅

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