Death Toll Rises, At Least 158 Vehicles Involved In Massive Pileup On I-55 In Louisiana

Death Toll Rises, At Least 158 Vehicles Involved In Massive Pileup On I-55 In Louisiana

At least seven people are now dead after a massive pileup near Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana on Monday, as sections of I-55 remain closed. FOX Weather correspondent Nicole Valdes has the latest. #foxweather #weather #louisiana

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46 Responses

  1. Puro Pedo says:

    It’s a shame that people don’t take driving safety as seriously as it should be.

  2. Metal Auditor says:

    I was just on this stretch of highway two weeks ago after dark, and after I got onto I-10 headed toward New Orleans, a guy came past me weaving through dense traffic, often diving through gaps where he only had a few feet on either side of him. It’s unbelievable how some people drive.

  3. UMCorian says:

    I’ve learned from a young age how dangerous fog is. The problem here was an area that made it so sudden and thick, there’s no right decision. Slow down, probably get hit from behind or rear-end someone. Stop, definitely get rear ended by someone. Change lanes to the side, probably hit another car. Even if you successfully get to the side, probably hit or get hit by someone else who had the same idea.

    • K M says:

      Yes. In I-80 on Thanksgiving we became aware of a stretch of black ice only after seeing multiple cars/trucks on side of highway. It was scary!

    • Gilmour11 says:

      You’re so right. What a horrible situation to suddenly find yourself in. Had to be so terrifying. I feel so bad for everyone involved.

    • Zazhou says:

      Roads under heavy fog with zero visibility should be shut down until the fog clears sufficiently. In real life though, unfortunately the authorities will not do this because of the uproar it will create!

    • AllThingsGood says:

      @ZazhouEXACTLY!!! Ppl need to learn to value their safety over all else!! Stay home! Stay safe! So sad😢😢😢

    • 𝙇𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙮 𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙢𝙨® says:

      Stay home? Fog can develop while you’re already out and driving the road you’re on.

  4. James Mullen says:

    How in the HELL does something like this happen? People SLOW DOWN when you can’t see where you’re going. PLEASE!

    • Cynthia M Grooms says:

      Nobody should’ve even Been on those roads/highways at high speeds!!! Putting Your life on the line for a Job that doesn’t include that as part of the job, & driving a Killing machine when you can’t see beyond the hood of your car, is Ridiculous!!!

    • Noah Lectricity says:

      Even if you slow down, you have to count on everyone else slowing down—and that there isn’t someone slower ahead of you. Not all vehicles can slow down at the same rate, of course—a loaded 18-wheeler needs a longer distance to slow down than a sedan.
      If a small car dramatically slows down in front of an 18-wheeler, bad things are going to happen. And I’m afraid that once they lift that 18-wheeler, they’ll find a car (or cars) underneath.

    • T Russ says:

      People aren’t responsible anymore. You take your life in your own hands going into public spaces.

    • The American says:

      Cell phone use.

    • Bruce Bessler says:

      Notice drivers in other lane not having headlights on? That’s #1.

  5. kattmilk says:

    Here in Florida, they shut down roads that are covered by thick fog until it clears. I can’t believe that those roads were still open. Prayers for the families and friends of the victims. 😔 🙏🏾 😔 🙏🏾

    • Ask Remy says:

      no they dont – been in florida 22 years

    • kattmilk says:

      @Ask Remy I’ve been here much longer. But I believe it depends on where you live in Florida. I’m on the SE coast, and they do it here, especially near the bigger metro areas.

    • Ask Remy says:

      @kattmilk you must get bad fog
      i’m in naples

    • kattmilk says:

      @Ask Remy Yes, particularly near the ‘glades, and during the cooler months.

    • Tweety Kid says:

      If it works in Florida, it makes sense to have your officials there coordinate with officials in Louisiana to implement the same strategies. But who starts the process? I guess somebody has to take the first step. It would be nice if they could work together.

  6. CW says:

    Horrific scene. My mother and I survived similar deadly fog there around 5-6 yrs ago while traveling from Texas back to Georgia. I watched as cars went flying off the bridge just ahead of us and a van that somehow was facing the wrong way in one way traffic. It was like a scene from a movie. Absolutely terrifying. My heart breaks for all involved and lives lost.

    • Ask Remy says:

      now be honest – how many slowed down to match the weather conditions? I have seen people push their way through rainy days where visibility was 10 feet – they did not care about anyone’s safety. I tow an RV – I see these fools all the time

  7. MsK_byTheWay says:

    Leave your house early to avoid speeding to wherever you are going!
    Prayers to the family who lost loved ones in this horrific pile up.

  8. Gary Mills says:

    The fog, dust storms, white out blizzards, these are the things that make truck driving so challenging….

  9. David Austin says:

    The way people drive now I’m surprised this doesn’t happen all the time

    • Vlad I says:

      yep. like they are immortal or something. 5AM i’m driving near Columbus,OH. same conditions-fog. everyone goes 80+ miles an hour, with a couple feet distance from each other.

    • The one and only says:

      Plus people 💩 attitudes behind the wheel.

    • Nicholas Holloway says:

      ​@Vlad Iand my family wonders why I refuse to get a driver’s license. I see way to many incompetent drivers on the roads around here.

    • Nicholas Holloway says:

      Seriously though, I think Drivers test, hell the whole education system, needs to be revamped. Common sense is no longer common and ignorance is in fashion.

    • HERE LIES RO CUMIA says:

      @Nicholas Holloway You sound like 17 years old

  10. Mary Ibañez says:

    My prayers for all those who were injured and for families of those who didn’t make it.

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