Cities Skylines 2, but I elected an Ai as the Mayor

Cities Skylines 2, but I elected an Ai as the Mayor

Could Ai be a better mayor than people?

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About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food

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54 Responses

  1. DougDoug says:

    Be sure to check out City Skylines 2, it’s the perfect game to drop inside your oh oh hole!! #ad

  2. Ethyriel Y. says:

    It’s accurate when the Mayors do a ton of random projects, rather than building housing, or shops, or actually helping the citizens.

    • Denk says:

      Oh hey it’s the funny terraria guy from the Gromek999 youtube channel

    • MarkStillPlays says:

      ​​@Denkbro i haven’t heard about gromek since like sooo long, i only remember watching him so long ago and getting him to play some mobile robocraft knockoff with a techtree, last video i watched was some crossout or robocraft related one, wonder where he’s now

    • Denk says:

      @MarkStillPlays I’m pretty good friends with him and yeah he’s been mainly doing Terraria videos and such, hasn’t uploaded in a bit but he’s around

    • Hadden Carter says:

      Yk, I liked the first thumbnail better

    • Ethyriel Y. says:

      hello it is I, John Terraria, fancy seeing you here @Denk

  3. Bob Bobert says:

    Incredible how Doug IMMEDIATELY fully destroys the landscape

  4. Steamtastic Vagabond says:

    All of these mayors just tear down each other’s work and get nothing done by themselves

  5. Maugre says:

    It’s crazy that an AI caveman screaming “Eat berry, live in cave, no ouch. Be good, no fight. Me go now.” felt actually emotional

  6. saraspud says:

    Seeing Doug destroy this pristine landscape honestly made me want to go play Cities like a normal person 💀

  7. Mitty Commits Pizza Time says:

    The fact that Twitch Chat immediately tried to get rid of the PETA mayor is so funny, they knew she was gonna be trouble

  8. RichDavis13 says:

    That’s so on brand for a PETA mayor to replace a nuclear power plant for hamster labor all in the name of “thinking of the animals”.

  9. EonLess says:

    I don’t know the lore for why Doug is blonde now, but I assume it has something to do with Guy Fieri

  10. HawaiianHobo says:

    I can’t tell if Doug dyed his hair, or if the constant use of deranged ai is getting to him.

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