Insulation Lean-To Camping

Insulation Lean-To Camping

I made a #camping DIY lean-to out of some extra construction insulation from my house renovations. There was a good R-value to the sheet of insulation, and I put a plastic sheet to cover the door. It was a cozy night, and Crazy Neighbor stopped by for an unexpected camping visit. I will be starting a road trip this coming Friday and can’t wait to see what camping adventures I find along the way.

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Camera: Sony Alpha FX3

Lens: Sony FE PZ 16-35mm F4 G

Editing: Apple 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Final Cut Pro

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26 Responses

  1. J Sl says:

    Crazy Neighbour is such an amazing character – still recovering from a nasty break and he still decides to camp in his truck next to Steve!

  2. Vlad2 says:

    We like seeing you camping and just being Steve. At some point YouTube channels turn into people that are fans of the creator. Just go camp or do whatever. We will watch. Acreage updates and such are also great.

    • Avgrim77 says:

      Who else is he gonna be????

    • dansw0rkshop says:

      @Avgrim77 Someone he’s not. Anyone with their eyes open knows how hollywood or any film industry for that matter (Youtube, you’re not exempt) destroys authenticity. @egriff11 I’m with you. We want the real Steve.

  3. Tony Nelson says:

    That soup looked delicious, Steve.

    Kudos to Crazy Neighbor for coming along and being in your company in spite of his injury. What a friend indeed. 🎖💪

  4. Ramsen N says:

    Steve’s face while crazy neighbor was discussing the incident was classic. Great to hear he’s ok! Speedy recovery!

    • Viktor Sarge says:

      “That knife that you just cliped right back?” got me. Crazy neighbor really had back luck. I hope he mends quickly and does all the physiotherapy. A really great guy and it hurts to see them both a bit beat down.

  5. WI USER says:

    Its great to see Crazy Neighbor walking and getting around. It looks like everyone’s prayers are being answered. 😊

  6. T Brown says:

    Seeing Steve and Crazy Neighbor camping together again is refreshing.

  7. Blue Lightning TV Photoshop says:

    We just love having you share time with us, Steve. You don’t bore us no matter what you do or where you take us. 👍

  8. Rob Russell says:

    Safe travels Steve. Can’t wait to see where you end up, and what that brings for camping.
    So nice to see crazy neighbor again, and I’m thankful he’s on the road to; what appears to be, a full recovery. With a few new parts. lol. He is obviously a dear friend to you, and I’m glad you guys have that friendship. He’s obviously a joy to have around, and I know we all enjoy his presence in you vids.
    It’s Monday!! Happy travels, Steve!!

  9. Div Umbra says:

    Another great and relaxing video from our guy Steve. Hope you’re feeling okay and healthy my friend! And I’m so glad Glen is getting physically well. Praying for his fast recovery.

  10. John Overstreet says:

    I hear coyotes all the time in the woods where I live and not once in my 58 years has any of them ever bothered me or my family.
    It’s good to see you camping Steve..again and it’s good to see Crazy Neighbor too and glad he is ok and back in action.

    • Amberlayne says:

      I lived with my ex in a large tent in the woods for almost an entire year once & there was a pack of coyotes that made the rounds every single night.. the yipping & other crazy noises.. right next to the campsite… they never bothered us. Just came by & kept it moving. I’m pretty sure they’re afraid of human activity

    • katrina farmer says:

      Frightening sound all the same lol

    • Calibos says:

      They’re harmless

    • Ghost White says:

      @Amberlayne yup if they try to interact with you chances are they are rabid

    • Owlette says:

      This! Despite being pack hunters, coyotes are very skittish and fearful. People don’t get attacked by coyotes. They might attack a small child or house pet but not a grown adult. Nothing to fear. If they’re out in Alberta, they should be more concerned with bears or cougars. Be wary of a lone coyote. it means the pack has sent it away and is a sign of rabies.

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