My Eyes Deceive

My Eyes Deceive

My Eyes Deceive covers some deeply disturbing topics so don’t watch if you aren’t prepared for some very serious stuff.


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47 Responses

  1. sharts aggressively says:

    just mark being philosophical while on his kidpad

  2. SuperfluousStuckupitude says:

    What really hits me about the bad ending is the “papa” seeing her on the 147th day and immediately slamming the door. 147 days is roughly 5 months and typically a pregnancy would already be showing at this point implying that he saw her belly, freaked out, and slammed the door without so as another word. Hits even harder after watching a video about the good ending.

  3. Fast and Ferbious says:

    Luckily for the creator, they got Markiplier himself to play their game

    • Savage Cabbage says:

      And he does it so well too,
      He doesn’t replay it for the other ending, which really makes me want to find out for myself and play the game so that my unanswered questions will be satisfied, so it is great exposure

  4. Zookers zoinks says:

    I knew what would happen the minute I saw the halls covered with the cork board. it’s so similar to the case of Elisabeth fritzl.

  5. chloe 🌟 says:

    oh god it’s actually sickening the bit where he says “they’re best when they’re fresh” just completely has a double meaning by the end of the game like just how young she is and always calling her by pet names feels like a way to dehumanise her and if u don’t take the pills there’s a diff dream idk how to explain it but the sound while it happens sounds like a man heavy breathing which is genuinely vile i’m so sorry too anyone who had to experience anything like this i hope you have or are healing 💗

  6. lord of hammers says:

    I have never felt such anger in recent memory. This game is something else. The fact that there are people out there like this makes me sick.

    • Lolli Fox says:

      The fact someone made a game about a real situation is sickening.

    • Watch Ej says:

      I swear to fucking god

    • Equestrian Midnight says:

      @Lolli Fox …Huh? I don’t think the creator had any malicious intent behind it. Plenty of people make games about real situations. And the creator explicitly said they got the idea from a Reddit post, not any specific case. This was a good game, it told a lot without saying a lot, as good stories should, and it allowed people who have never experienced such a tragedy to get a glimpse of what it’s like.

      EDIT: Ohhhh, I see you have numerous responses here trying to argue with people on this game. Never mind, it’s clear you’re just trolling.

  7. Parker Wiggins says:

    “You can’t beat yourself up over things you didn’t know” – Was not expecting a therapy session from Markiplier today

    • ControlledbyADHD says:

      Time stamp?

    • Maddy says:

      ​@controlledbyadhd1647 31:55 but he also said it in a slightly different way at the end of his commentary from 27:13 to 29:16 (but I like his thoughts about choice and meaning so I left it longer)

    • Spoon Of Doom says:

      This indeed hit very hard, as I had to put my cat down a couple of days ago, and today I agonized a lot about whether maybe it was the wrong decision, what if there was a way to prevent this or some other factor that if only I’d known, things would be different, etc. Now I just wanted to watch something as a distraction, and here comes Mark casually dropping oddly specific advice. Incredible timing.

    • greg says:

      i always expect therapy sesh from mark lmao

  8. Hidden says:

    Okay, so I can go ahead and explain some of what’s going on here in this game.
    But be warned, it’s not a good thing by any means, and is a traumatic thing.

    There is a reason Markiplier refrained from explaining it himself. For one, he’d be demonitized for doing so, and two, it’s just something I doubt he wants to explain personally.
    The fact that this was on roblox which is primarily for children, is enough for me to say good that it was taken off.
    Not that I have any problems with games covering these topics, but it’s a mature topic, that I don’t like throwing 8 year olds at.

    So to explain, if the above wasn’t enough to get you to not want the explination:



    The girl you play as is pregnant. That alone should make a lot of what’s going on click. I won’t explain how that happened, because it’s pretty obvious and dark to those with two brain cells enough to figure that part out, and is at least hope only people that are mature enough to handle these themes understands what’s going on.

    The medicine was sedatives to sedate and put her under. This allowed for the above thing to occur.

    She was told that a monster will mimic other people’s voices, and that she has to stay completely quiet no matter what, because the “father” doesn’t want anyone to find her or know she is in his basement. He wants her to be afraid of anyone else’s voice, so that she doesn’t expose the fact she is down there.

    The food is being left AFTER the things related to the top two explanations occur. That’s why it’s already there by the time you wake up, despite the father already having left, and not giving you food before you go to bed, and the timeframe of which no food shows up.

    The “Old Food” is most likely her own trash she has accumulated. Which is why it’s probably stored in a trash can in the cupboard. The reason I don’t think it’s canned food or anything like that, is because she explicitly calls it her “leftovers”, and the fact if she had normal food stored already, why was she still being given more food every day to eat?

    This game is a good way to give a showcase of how a victem with limited information and limited contact with outside information is easily manipulated and shaped to believe just about anything.
    Especially when they’re young, and especially when from a supposedly trustworthy source.

    Sedatives don’t perfectly keep you from being vaguely aware at times. Her dreams in some cases likely are very imaginative and confused twisted up imagery of things she experienced or remembers happening at night.

    • A Z says:

      It’s also why he said he wouldn’t come down to see her (6:13). It’s because he didn’t want her to see his face and either know he wasn’t her real father and/or couldn’t identify him if she was ever rescued.

    • Dracian says:

      I knew it from the get go that this story is about abuse, just from the pills alone and the girl being clueless about what’s happening on the outside world. It reminded me about that news article where a father did the same thing but for 24 years. It really gave me a stomach-churning feel the moment I piece it all together by day 2.

    • Premiumweirdness says:

      Makes sense on why didn’t explain further, not a topic any sane person would want to throw minors at

    • Indecisiveness says:

      Actually helpful thank you

    • Knummy says:

      You know an 8 year old wouldn’t notice that and just think oh no I got infected ☹️

  9. œuf says:

    This is one of the scariest games Mark has ever played because unlike many its completely real. The thing about most horror content is that in the end you know that the ghosts and demons in those stories aren’t real but there are too many real life monsters like this in real life.
    I should have listened to Mark when he didn’t explain it.

    • Technilogica 🎃 says:

      EXACTLY that’s why most horror just doesn’t bother me, because i know it’s not real. im not gonna see slenderman in my little cousin’s closet it’s a story made up to be scared for fun
      but especially because i was born female, stuff like my eyes deceive is TERRIFYING (not to say it doesn’t happen with males too, and ESPECIALLY not to say it doesn’t still have a lasting effect because it absolutely does, but with so many females there’s a huge risk that the lasting effects can take physical form. god i hope this makes sense i dont want to actually say the words)

    • Cwang4 says:

      Completely agree.

  10. Kris Yang says:

    Markiplier… Finally this game is blowing up. People need to discover and populate this “type” of horror.
    It brings awareness.

    • Lolli Fox says:

      Populate this type of game wtf this is sickening as hell. And sexual abuse happens in real life and to make games about it is so wrong on so many levels. Blows my mind how many of you like this smut. 😡😢

    • remus says:

      @Lolli Fox games like these are bringing awareness to sexual abuse cases genius. this game itself is based on a real case to call attention to it. you play in the perspective of the victims to know how terrifying and traumatic it is. yeah games like this are good and should be made more because it’ll teach ppl about how wrong shit like this is. if it was some weird fetishisation of sexual abuse/trauma then i’d agree with you that it shouldn’t be made, but it’s not. it’s educational

    • Psycho-delic Pyromaniac says:

      @Lolli Fox this game is bringing awareness to how common this type of thing is, its not defending nor romanticizing it in anyway. by “like” you mean we can appreciate that others can agree this real life stuff is terrifying and deserves to be talked about more. more people should be afraid of this kind of stuff, it means more people will do something about it, and hopefully stop it.

    • bluchismoon says:

      ​​@Lolli Foxwhere was there smut?
      Also, your name is kind of suspicious.

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