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Led by LeBron James’ 35 points (13-19 FG), 11 rebounds and 7 assists, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the L.A Clippers, 130-125, in overtime. Anthony Davis (27 points, 10 rebounds) and D’Angelo Russell (27 points, 6 assists) added a combined 54 points for the Lakers in the victory, while Kawhi Leonard (38 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists) and Kawhi Leonard (35 points, 6 rebounds) combined for 73 points for the Clippers. The Lakers improve to 3-2 on the season, while the Clippers fall to 3-2.

Russell Westbrook joins LeBron James as the only players in NBA history with at least 24,000 points, 9,000 assists and 8,000 rebounds.
Since the Clippers moved to LA, this is the 2nd time in a Lakers-Clippers game there has been 3 30+ scorers in a game:
11/1/2023 – Kawhi Leonard LAC (38), Paul George LAC (35), LeBron James LAL (35)
4/12/2007 – Kobe Bryant LAL (50), Corey Maggette, LAC (39), Elton Brand, LAC (32)

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41 Responses

  1. Matt Snider says:

    Nice to see the Lakers play well against solid opposition. DiLo looking good the last couple games.

  2. Jordan Jackson says:

    The way Kawhi was looking in the first quarter I knew it was gonna be a long night for the lakers. This was an impressive win

  3. Ube Man says:

    LeBron, AD, PG, Kawhi and Russ gave us one hell of an exciting game.All of them delivered when it mattered most.Props also goes to DLo, Reeves, Wood and Powell for also providing crucial baskets for their respective teams.One team just have to win in the end.

  4. Young Slyy says:

    9:51 gotta love the showmanship between Kawhi and LeBron at the end. This is going to be a great season. Good Luck to all… from a Lakers fan

  5. Kevin Z says:

    Being there live was such a blast that 2nd half had me on the edge of my seat until the very end. Amazing game

  6. Elisha Burroughs says:

    In most situations if 3 stars for the Clippers combine for 97 points, it’s a wrap. Love this matchup. James being here is really wild.

    • O N says:

      In most situations when Lakers start playing 3 Centers in one rotation, its a wrap.. lakers went on 15-4 run with 3 centers and ad playing SF LOL

    • Elisha Burroughs says:

      OBVIOUSLY if you look at the box score and one team is is higher that means they won lol. I’m a Lakers fan it’s just we haven’t seen to much of Kawhi, PG and Russ together and for them to all play well and lose to a team they’ve beat 11 TIMES IN A ROW is wild. Fun game and glad Ls got the W

    • Quatro Bajeena says:

      @O NSize matters. That’s how they got that 2020 chip. Clippers too small of a team. All they really have is Zu and Mason. Zu gets eaten up by most good bigs.

    • Tag says:

      @Quatro Bajeenasize don’t matter 😡 😡

  7. jeffrey valentyn says:

    Kawhi and PG were literally insane, hyper efficient and just hit the most timely shots I’ve ever seen. Russ had an overall good game but the decision making and the passiveness on offense when the game got tight needs to be improved. Also to see AD play almost every minute compared to last year and Lebron at this age go off was absurd, best battle of LA in a minute

    • dwight wright says:

      Yea he need to shoot if open fuck if u miss..u never make the shots u don’t shoot

    • Cheng Lim says:

      Always wanting to have assists on his record is the problem. Sometimes there’s an open shot and decided to pass that resulted some of the turnovers.

    • Pseudo Tertio says:

      @Cheng Limy’all just hating. That’s what he has always done. He has two great scoring beasts in his team why would he not want to get them the ball first. Stop hating on Russell Westbrook.

    • Me says:

      but they trade batum and covington that who can stretch the floor they gonna miss that both

    • Bengalsfinest says:

      When russ shoot yall say he need to pass when he pass yall say he need to shoot 🤣🤣


    Its amazing how LeBron is still great at this age….JUST AMAZING!!!

  9. Cj'sJustChilling says:

    We got to see Bron vs KD, and now we got to see Bron vs Kawhi. This season has been off to an amazing start.

  10. Gabriel Espinoza says:

    You know it was a great game when you gotta come back and rewatch the highlights

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