Dana White reacts to Leon Edwards KO Kamaru Usman: “This is the greatest sport in the world”

Dana White reacts to Leon Edwards KO Kamaru Usman: “This is the greatest sport in the world”

Dana White reacts to Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman and UFC 278.

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51 Responses

  1. Vivek kumar says:

    From “I believe i deserve that title shot next” to sending Usman to “ghost realm”, Somewhere I became Leon’s fan!

  2. Mangirdas says:

    Took his 100% takedown defense status, sent his head to the moon, rough night for Usman

  3. Jeremy LeBlanc says:

    I respect the fuck out of Leon. Hearing his back story, how he handled the three piece and how good his striking is, Teddy Atlas summed him up perfectly when he called Leon the Marvin Hagler of MMA

  4. chimp says:

    He came from the trenches and god granted him a pay off for all the hard work and upsets he’s gone through. He deserves it all respect to him, his team and family!!!

    • Michael X says:

      @Cubertral Common knowledge, lol. Okay, then show us undeniable proof of your statement, genius.

    • chimp says:

      @Cubertral Common knowledge? Where the proof exactly?

    • Cubertral says:

      @Life he is correct though. He doesn’t need to prove it either, it’s common knowledge god isn’t existent and just created by those cults you call religions. And Leon did in fact work hard for this.

    • Life says:


  5. Roy Herrera says:

    He endured 24 minutes of hell with the pound for pound greatest active fighter, and then he won with under a minute to go. Leon Edwards earned this.

  6. Alex __226 says:

    NEVER thought I’d see Usman like that. Such a vicious, unforgiving sport. But that’s why we love it.

    • MeiaLua says:

      Lok guy he said vicious he’s cool now,McGregor “it’s a vicious and ruthless business”and everyone’s copying it nowdays

    • Invictus jr 🇳🇬 says:

      @Joshua Haynes the immediate rematch is going to be kamaru usman. Joe rogan said it too

    • Cam Bahouan says:

      @kizano Shisui people assume Colby is second best because of close fights with usman. He hasn’t fought anybody in the current top 15 besides masvidal. Does Colby have any wins over someone who is a natural 170er and in their prime?

    • cs167 says:

      @Spiritual Knight enjoy that until Khamzat brings it back to NE Caucasian

  7. Natasha Taylor says:

    i’ll say it once again, hate him or love him. He shoots from the hip and says what the fuck he wants. Walks off like a boss at the end whilst the media try to tickle his balls into giving any info they can get. We’re gonna miss uncle Dana when he retires from this crazy ride.

  8. Raj Rai says:

    Absolutely insane that was the most unexpected knockout in UFC history. I’ve been a fan for years and I would put this Ontop of Chris Weidmen vs Silvas upset when he lost to showboating

  9. Boycie says:

    As an englishman, hearing him say about doing the rematch at Wembley i got goosebumps, we will bring it like you’ve never seen

  10. slayerBO2EPC says:

    Leon is the embodiment of “something from nothing”, mad respect for the man

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