The Greatest Golf Shot in History.

The Greatest Golf Shot in History.

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28 Responses

  1. gm__golf says:

    Someone needs to study this man in a lab

  2. 4G Lifestyle says:

    Dude… This man is UNREAL! I’ve never even heard of a guy ace a par 4 and I’ve watched and played golf most of my life, but for someone to hit TWO!?!? This is just legendary. Congratulations Matt on another incredible milestone!

  3. Vizual 1 says:

    This whole video is insane. The comments from Matt saying its his time. The comments about hole in ones randomly from Grant. The fact that that group in front was so slow that you all ended up playing together. The stars were aligned for this video. Absolutely amazing video. Matt…you are a LEGEND!

    • Vizual 1 says:

      also the ominous music building up to the moment the entire video…top notch!!

    • Suggested Tigerr says:

      Jesus loves you. John 14:6 6 Jesus said To them, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. God bless u

    • Jonathan Young says:

      Then again if they had stayed apart they would have got the video of it going in!

    • Chris L W says:

      @Vizual 1 loved the suspenseful music every par 3 and short par 4. And the piano music when Scharff almost hit Kwon and Garrett

  4. Cory Owen says:

    If not already considered a legend, Matt has certainly carved his place in History with this one. Couldn’t be happier for you, Matt! Hey, how many times have you birdied a par 4, only to find you’ve lost 2 strokes to your opponent? Memory of a lifetime!

  5. Jason Kaufman says:

    After everything Matt has been through with his back, and his swing change, this is just magnificent. I’m so happy for him. The 👑 of hole in 1’s⛳️

  6. Dragosi says:

    All the boys were playing on another level today. Scharff’s shot watching the tracer was insane looking. Huge congrats Matt!

  7. gm__golf says:

    This man needs to buy a lottery ticket

  8. Dakota says:

    A hole in one on a par 4 is almost impossible enough as it is, but for it to be the SAME person again is astronomical. Matt is just blessed, man. The first GG video I ever watched was the first one he had a few years ago. I teared up when you guys started celebrating this one. Just unreal

  9. Zee Mud says:

    Weirdly emotional seeing this happen. So happy for Matt. Congrats buddy, you deserve it

  10. Janksee says:

    Seeing Grant and Micah congratulate Matt in the comments makes my heart happy!

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