CM Punk Chooses His Brand; Confronts Seth Rollins | WWE Raw Highlights 12/11/23 | WWE on USA

CM Punk Chooses His Brand; Confronts Seth Rollins | WWE Raw Highlights 12/11/23 | WWE on USA

CM Punk makes his brand choice and then has an angry confrontation with Seth Rollins. WWE Raw Highlights 12/11/23. Watch WWE Raw Monday nights at 8/7c on USA Network. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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53 Responses

  1. @UnrealEntGaming says:

    This is going to be the feud of 2024, HANDS DOWN! Amazing segment from both guys!

  2. @Metasota says:

    this was exactly what it should’ve been. this is Rollins best promo in years and perhaps the best non-bloodline related promo of the year. In my humble opinion.

    • @OmegaRedFan says:

      Matt Riddle is Seth Rollins family 😃

    • @jasonvoorhees-wr7iq says:

      You are wrong Rollins didn’t cut a promo. He deliberately copy and pasted Hangman Adam Page’s promo. So at least credit the original source

    • @nikolas1171 says:

      ​@jasonvoorhees-wr7iq these are WWE simps. They think WWE is superior because it’s 97% talking and 3% selling while taking fewer bumps and hardly ever bleed. Jim Cornette makes them think that it’s real and its for PURE fans blah blah

    • @32jcueva says:

      @@jasonvoorhees-wr7iqyou sound bothered

  3. @St.LouisPimp says:

    It feels so weird to see WWE finally give us what we want. It’s like I’m hesitant to get back into WWE because I’m so use to them letting us down with poor storyline writing

  4. @Nitemerican says:

    Seth cutting the “protect this place from you” promo was a stoke of genius.

  5. @zazzakbreh4224 says:

    What a promo from Seth Rollins! With all the bad Joker impersonation I almost forgot how good he can be on the mic. Hopefully this is a sign he’s ready to talk like a real human being again

  6. @betobeto1998 says:

    Love him referencing OVW and WCW. This already feels so personal those emotions were too real

    • @bcal8118 says:

      Marks love references what else is new

    • @bentowars says:

      @@bcal8118 brother the fact that you even know what mark means makes you a mark too 😭 we’re all past the normal consumer level bro you just out yourself for being a hater

    • @user-qr9dn5ge1q says:

      ​@@bentowars People that take wrestling to seriously have sad lifes

    • @Somedudenamedtray says:

      @@bentowarssome people have nothing better to do with their lives.

    • @jerelminter says:

      ​@@user-qr9dn5ge1qThese wrestling fans don’t have sad lifes. They’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, paying attention to what’s going on in the ring and not the backstage rumors and dirtsheets that you guys think is the gospel truth. That’s what’s sad.

  7. @ValleyChildX says:

    I love that Seth isn’t being portrayed as a heel, he’s very much a face who has a very real reason to hate another face. I’m looking forward to this rivalry and seeing how the fans will get riled up.

  8. @123456789colton says:

    You could tell this was a “real promo” both guys cant stand eachother but have a passion for the business. This is gonna be a crazy good fued and a true test to both stars.

  9. @jay3251 says:

    Reminds me of HBK and Bret Hart. Both hate each other in real life but have chemistry in the ring. This will be a awesome feud to watch.

    • @realme-tq4cq says:

      Lol they don’t hate each other like that bro. Until Cm punk sleeps with one of Seth’s side chicks it ain’t that bad.

    • @jay3251 says:

      @@realme-tq4cq I didn’t say it was as bad as Bret/HBK and I’m sure they talked and fixed their issues backstage but they both still hate each other in real life. At the end of the day they will both be professionals and make a ton of money working together.

    • @MASTER3371 says:

      Definitely feels like a HBK vs Bret feud. The Flamboyant Guy vs The stern & straighforward Guy. Just without the massive real life issues like they had

    • @arnellsmith says:

      Hate is a strong word💀

    • @shiningwizard202 says:

      Shawn Michaels brought up Bret Hart’s side chick (a side chick they were both smashing btw) on national television to jeopardize his marriage and Bret ripped a clump of his hair out. This is great but that’s a MASSIVE reach lmao

  10. @SShaBazzz says:

    This is the perfect redemption arc.

    I can see this being a Wrestlemania main event, especially with that promo. If Seth Rollins beats CM Punk at Wrestlemania and then shows CM Punk respect at the end, that would put both Seth and CM Punk over. Punk gets his redemption, and Seth elevated the title and his run to new hieghts.

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