R-Truth jumped by Judgment Day after calling out Damian Priest, trying to kick out JD

R-Truth jumped by Judgment Day after calling out Damian Priest, trying to kick out JD

R-Truth found out how The Judgment Day really feels about him when he attempted to join the group on Monday Night Raw but took things too far by calling out Damian Priest for attempting to be the leader and telling JD he was unwanted. Finn Bálor and Dominik Mysterio wasted no time jumping into the brawl until The Creed Brothers came to Truth’s aid.

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R-Truth jumped by Judgment Day after calling out Damian Priest, trying to kick out JD


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36 Responses

  1. @wweonfox says:

    Is a shake-up for The Judgment Day on the horizon? 👀

  2. @seanthomxx2694 says:

    Barrett: “That’ no way to treat a fellow member of Judgement Day” 😂…. even Wade is on Truth’s side

  3. @snakeshadows6993 says:

    Finn started laughing when Truth dissed JD McDonough. Truth can make almost anyone break character. Hah hah!

  4. @tylertucker4115 says:

    R-Truth needs to be apart of The Judgement Day

  5. @MrWaggl1 says:

    R truth is just the kind of uplifting personality we need in the JD

  6. @LifeIsAJoke314 says:

    Truth has been so epic since his return. An ageless legend.

  7. @ValleyChildX says:

    I love Finn’s very genuine “I like him” and then he gives him the lightest kick during the jumping and then backs off while the others do it, feels very “ah come on guys, do we have to jump the funny man”

  8. @Trackerstatus says:

    Bruh he had Finn breaking character and he ain’t even hiding it lmao

  9. @thatguytyler1988 says:

    Finn broke character when he said JD needs to go lol

  10. @candlestixsmixedwithtrixs says:

    Dang I was really hoping for R Truth to somehow become a member of the Judgement Day. Would’ve been funny if he became a member because of Damian having a soft spot for Truth lol.

    • @erikgottschalk5463 says:

      remember JD wasn’t liked by Priest at first and now he is a member of the Judgement Day. Just got a give it time.

    • @csharp57 says:

      You’re one of those people who like to run the same joke over and over until it’s annoying. The Judgement Day aren’t a comedy act

    • @princezane148 says:

      ​@@csharp57they became a comedy act when they switched to dressing like GTA online gangsters

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