Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman Get Personal | WWE Raw Highlights 2/6/23 | WWE on USA

Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman Get Personal | WWE Raw Highlights 2/6/23 | WWE on USA

An emotional and intense promo from Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman. WWE Raw Highlights 2/6/23. Watch WWE Raw Monday nights at 8/7c on USA Network. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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40 Responses

  1. UnrealEntGaming says:

    Words cannot express how powerful this promo between Heyman and Cody actually was. THIS is professional wrestling at its peak storytelling. Everything about what was said between them was absolutely phenomenal and makes it worth that much more getting invested into. Amazing buildup and an amazing job all around!

  2. JayShockblast says:

    An absolute ALL TIMER. That was one of those special moments you remember forever.

  3. Tyler Gregory says:

    I genuinely think Paul Heyman was so proud of Cody and his father that he was breaking. I don’t think he was acting, I think he legitimately just loves working with Cody that much.

  4. C. Box says:

    Speechless. The true life aspects of the story, mixed in with Heyman’s impeccable heel manager persona. Then to see the shift in Cody’s personality at the end. Absolutely fantastic.

  5. Onyroo says:

    These two just demonstrated that there are levels to professional wrestling. When you take two dance partners who are some of the very best, you get greatness as a result.

  6. Beast_Taker 000 says:

    This was a phenomenal promo. I swear, everything Paul touches with his words. He makes everything look like a million bucks.

  7. House of UP says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Paul look genuinely emotional. This was beyond phenomenal. Best Promo of 2023 thus far.

  8. RustBunny says:

    Promos like this are how and why we get invested in pro wrestling, and this promo has just made it clear why Cody vs Roman needs to happen. Paul Heyman is one of the absolute best on the mic, with timing and delivery that makes him almost untouchable. But Cody was able to keep up and he was able to break Paul, even if for a moment before he recovered and spit vitriol on the mic again. Sami Zayn will get his defining moment in time, but this promo has made it very clear that it’s Cody’s time before that happens.

  9. Moby Ley says:

    When I tell you tears were coming out of my eyes, I’ve only cried one time in my life from professional wrestling before this, absolutely stellar performance from both incredible storytelling, the perfect blend of real thoughts and emotions and character in the story line

  10. Shannan Cook says:

    This may be the best promo of the past 10-20 years. Not just a wrestling promo, but personal, and the crowd allowed them to be personal and talk for a while.
    Great job gentlemen

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