Colorado Buffaloes vs. Oregon Ducks | Full Game Highlights

Colorado Buffaloes vs. Oregon Ducks | Full Game Highlights

No. 10 Oregon dominated the first half by going up 35-0 and cruised to a 42-6 victory at home against the No. 19 Colorado Buffaloes in Pac-12 action during Week 4 of the 2023 college football season. Ducks QB Bo Nix completed 28-of-33 passes for 276 YDS, 3 TD & 1 INT. Shedeur Sanders recorded 159 YDS & 1 TD.

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47 Responses

  1. Josh Salmons says:

    Even with a defensive minded head coach, Oregon still has a fluid offense. It’s like watching flowing water.

  2. Micah Lee says:

    Speed and power is what Oregon has. This game shows. What a blowout win. Respect

  3. B J says:

    The play calling by Oregon in this game was sick..trick plays..fluid offense..special teams fakes..and movement on the field was nice to watch .and defense crushed Colorado as well..they got a mercy score but that’s about it

  4. Kenton says:

    You win some you lose some. But losses like this really make or break you 💯💯

  5. Tekanatoken Delaronde says:

    This is one of those moments. An overhyped CO team meets a wall. How they bounce back is far more important than how they played last night. 3-1 isn’t a bad look. Let’s see if they’re going to build off this loss or if they’ll fall into obscurity.

    • Phillip Folis says:

      USA next week

    • Zach Noetzel says:

      Their schedule doesn’t get any easier. They made it thru the easiest part of the schedule. Now it’s against teams that are and actually should be, ranked. Colorado had no place being ranked. And this game exposed that. Media propelled this team to being in a top 20 spot and they didn’t belong there to begin with. Oregon did what they were expected and Colorado did what I expected. Now “prime” will just replace half the roster again and wonder why there’s no chemistry

    • Monkay says:

      @Zach Noetzelthat was the dumbest statement I’ve read today. Why would you not replace a 1-11 roster? They obviously didn’t belong; many still don’t. They were 21 point underdogs and you’re acting like they were favored to win😂

    • TrillaVerse says:

      @Zach NoetzelIt’s college. All the rosters will be replaced sooner or later

    • WatchMeSquatch says:

      ​@Monkaycry, Mr. Colorado, cry.

  6. RD 3 says:

    Oregon makes Colorado look like a really good high school team.

  7. M Dot says:

    That game was clearly won in the trenches.
    O-line, D-line and LB core is CU weaknesses this year obviously.

  8. April Jean says:

    Oregon EXPLOITED Colorado’s defense the entire game. By the time they scored 21 points I knew it was a done deal. Gonna be a long week for coach prime. I love Colorado’s rise but they needed to be humbled. There is fine line between confidence and arrogance. They gotta earn thier keep now. Hopefully they bounce back next week. ❤

    • LD BWA says:

      It is a fine line but I still say they’re just confident, not arrogant. The media made it that way. They expected them to lose every game.

    • Zenigundam says:

      He’s been outcoached two weeks in a row. Deion cannot coach. He’s 0-2 in bowl games and is all talk, but the average joe falls for it because they see “confidence and charisma”. Where’s the substance? It’s all a bunch of hot air. He’s inadequate.

  9. Chris Tesch says:

    I hope Noah Whittington is OK. Last we saw he was carted off. I know Oregon has 2 other star backs, but Noah really is amazing to have on field

  10. Willi Taylor says:

    Glad to see Oregon has gotten back to a good state. Them last 2 yrs were rough. Thought Colorado would be tested this game and they were. They weren’t really exposed in this game. Deion had already let it ne known that the big men slots were their weakness. It was just a matter of time before a good team exploited the weakness.

    • Cameron Himes says:

      Don’t forget about WR as a weakness and defensive backs. Oregon was easily stronger and faster in those positions. CO WRs getting no separation and the brief separation they did get the QB was not able to anticipate and get it to them. Rushing was terrible. Not a dig on coach Prime definitely building but trenches are not the only weakness.

    • LD BWA says:

      Exactly. I agree with you. I don’t even think Deion expected them to win this game. It’s his first year, he just wanted to do better than last year and they did. I still respect him for what he’s trying to do with the program cause when has Colorado ever had this much attention

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