FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Jaime Munguia vs. Jimmy Kelly

FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Jaime Munguia vs. Jimmy Kelly

June 11, 2022 — Munguia vs. Kelly from Anaheim, CA

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45 Responses

  1. Dave Bohnen says:

    The beauty of boxing. Kelly fought really well for almost 15 minutes, and it all went south in 15 seconds

    • lualrosaal says:

      @Moody R its hard when the other guy is wrestling instead of boxing.

    • Patricio Zazzini says:

      british fighters always run short.Munguis is a very heavy handed fighter and puts too much pressure.

    • Nemo says:

      The slow starts that make fighters look sluggish is that they understimate their opponents.

    • Chano Champ says:

      Beautifully stated. You have to fight the whole fight not just for 15 mins. A fight is over 40 mins long. You have to fight the whole time.

  2. Authentic Self Growth says:

    Munguia was too strong in the end but respect for Kelly giving him a tough fight

  3. your Dad says:

    It was all going well for jimmy Kelly, till it wasn’t, best commentary ever

  4. Marco Silva says:

    Munguía necesita qué entrene más su defensa y su movimiento de cintura porqué lo demás todo lo tiene 💪🏽🇲🇽

  5. Steve Bowness says:

    What a brave valiant effort from Jimmy Kelly doing really well till he got caught, massive respect 👏👏👏

  6. Astonvman007 says:

    Munguia still has a lot to work on. Against top competition at 160, he’s still too slow to react to incoming shots. If Kelly had real power, Munguia would’ve seen the canvas.

    • C lightning says:

      true, he was a bit heavy but on the positive side he’s improved, fast combinations & knows how to deal with the runners. i’d say 2 more fights & he’ll just about complete… those fast 3-4 combinations were impressive

    • Pato Suini says:

      @Julian remember Charlo gets problems with bumps too remember his last fight he couldn’t knock out montiel

    • Kiko Smith says:

      Weird l, he’s looked faster before, but not here

    • Rip the Reithemeyer says:

      Guess we will find out since Munguia grew a pair overnight

    • strong mind says:

      Beazy Boy
      Charlo was getting tagged and rocked by Montiel
      Munguia destroyed montiel in 3 rounds

  7. Jordan Everett says:

    Jimmy Kelly fought really well and Mungia needs to work on his defence. Hopefully Charlo and Andrade were watching

  8. Roderick Rodrigo says:

    Munquia al estar peleando con boxeadores de bajo nivel no mejorará y el día que le toque pelear con un boxeador de la talla de charló se dará cuenta que denada sirvió tantas peleas con bultos que n le ayudaron a mejorar munquia vive en un mundo de fantacias ,para mí! Munquia es otro Chávez jr

    • Eduardo Aguirre says:

      Mungia no es buen boxeador. Tiene pegada pero no boxea bien

    • Jose Lopez says:

      @Anthony Resendiz excelente comentario 👍

    • Catolico mocha Orejas says:

      Asi como el canelo

    • Anthony Resendiz says:

      Este no era boxeador de bajo Nivel…..debes de saber k los boxeadores k son elusivos y se mueve mucho siempre hacen ver Mal a Los mexicanos….pero Charlo es diferente..Charlo se faja a Los golpes y munguia tambien…veras como munguia lo derrotara….si Mira montiel lo k Le hizo a Charlo..y munguia nockeo a montiel rapido…son diferentes peleas.pero UN boxeador k se mueve siempre have ver Mal a Los boxeadores mexicanos

  9. D's RC says:

    1:11 No lie the way he feinted & threw that left hand was nice

  10. Junior says:

    Now i understand why this guy ducked his mandatory fight against janibek and adames

    • ducky H says:

      @RagingUtai deserves ? Fighting a bunch of bums his whole career lol

    • Nathan Cano says:

      @Roberto Real Just because Canelo’s a cash cow doesn’t mean he’s the top fighter in the world…

    • Nathan Cano says:

      @strong mind Canelo’s career up to this point is smoke and mirrors for the most part…

    • Roberto Real says:

      @Nathan Cano yeah is so tainted your boy andrade moved to 168 to get a chance at canelos stimulus check all your bros think canelo is biden🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇲🇽🤡

    • strong mind says:

      Nathan Cano
      Canelo has done more than both charlos combine
      They not on canelos level

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