Coming October 24th, 2023 I Pre-Order Now I Cities: Skylines II Official Gameplay Trailer

Coming October 24th, 2023 I Pre-Order Now I Cities: Skylines II Official Gameplay Trailer

If You Can Dream It, You Can Build It! 🏗️
👇Pre-orders now on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation®5.👇

Coming October 24th, 2023🏗️


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36 Responses

  1. Infrastructurist says:

    “All footage captured in-game” is the PERFECT intro after all the speculations surrounding the announcement trailer. It seems like the overall AESTHETIC is a MASSIVE improvement to Cities Skylines I, which will hopefully bridge the current gap a bit between workshop-heavy custom-asset builds and fully vanilla builds, and bring an all new level of satisfaction to everyone – console players in particular!
    October 24th CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH – I can’t wait to create content in Cities Skylines II!

    • DanonCK says:

      We can’t wait what you’ll be able to create in CS2 too haha!

      Cool thing I noticed – a possibility to choose between EU and US theme. It might be for transit vehicles, but perhaps also roads and building types. If it’s the case, wow!

    • DOLLIN says:

      MAN. i just hope it doesnt end up like ksp2 where it wont run on many computers. the lod, the trees, the terrain EVERYTHING looks so much better. no more sillyness. it feels like a mature game! Im kind of excited about the road building tools- the better splining looks great!

    • Anbi says:

      @DOLLIN I’m a bit concerned about performance as well, but contrary to KSP2, here we actually get to see rich, working features months before release. At least I’m pretty convinced the Sim City killer is becoming even better ^^

    • Scarchain6891 says:

      ​@Anbi they have a lot of time before the game comes out so I’m sure they’ll be working on stuff until then

    • Saphire Lattice says:

      I chuckled when I noticed the skyscrapers at night switching between different LODs… and the lights being completely different, when they were moving camera closer to them V:

  2. FewCandy says:

    Holy moly!!! This looks AMAZING!! Those road tools?! 🤯 Seriously freaking excited to play this!

  3. O Pai_fpv says:

    You guys are the developers that every game should have. You listen. The way you showed the integration of things that were 3rd party mods before, kinda blew me away. Hats off to all of you out there in Finland and around the world that make this happen!

  4. My Getaway says:

    All the modders from the first game should feel a huge sense of pride in their work being celebrated and recognized like this. The game feels familiar yet new and vastly improved under many aspects and i’m sure the modders will have a field day with this one aswell. I also appreciate the more realistic art direction of the game aswell as the bigger focus on building upgrades/extra modules. It looks as though it will be possible to make beautiful looking cities even in the base game aswell.
    Beautiful trailer, really looking forward to the release. Once again a round of applause for the modding community.

  5. Octa vianus says:

    Every second of the trailer gave me goose bumps. The realism, the quality of life improvements, the upgradable buildings especially utilities…. looks like the devs really understand the fan base.

    • Chester Holland says:

      It did me too. Main developer paradox ceo Mariana Hallikeen gave us hope and this is the game I dream since 2010. Make simcity great again.

    • Christina Mayers says:

      @Chester Holland Can’t wait to play it on Xbox. Looks amazing!! Hopefully the console version will have protected left turns at traffic lights.

  6. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Oh wow, the trams, the bridge building tool! Super excited!!! Cannot wait for the fence reveal trailer!! ❤

  7. NOVA H3X says:

    Wow actually brought a little tear to my eye. Looks beautiful and yes We all Make Cities! Thank you to the Devs, the Modders, the Creators and the community!

  8. JVR says:

    The scale improvement is insane, in cities 1 tall buildings don’t really feel tall, but the scale in cities II with the fact that you can expand your city massively in contrast to simcity for exemple is so good.

    • Cole009 says:

      Yea I find that too but it’s impressive what you can do when you start focusing on the scale

    • Gustavo Felix says:

      Not to mention that some buildings had very weird proportions; adding workshop assets turned it even worse when using the zoning approach; you’d see 4 story buildings taller than a 10 story vanilla building. This is much more realistic and beautiful.

    • Gary Gardner says:

      The cities still look pretty empty. If you look at the city they show at the end there aren’t any cims playing on the fields or walking around. Even in the other shots the cities they show look pretty dead

    • Davidty 2006 says:

      Theres ALOT more mid rise buildings.
      that really helps in allowing alot better skylines.
      Now can actually have it gradually build it’s way up to tall buildings instead of suburb, suburb aaaand 40 story building.

    • Western Australia mapper says:

      ​@Gary Gardner Stop complaing about pre-release, imagine complaing about a unfinished game.

  9. Victor Silva says:

    Absolutely amazing. Words can’t describe how perfect Cities Skylines is, and how perfect the sequel seems to be

  10. Renegade LK says:

    It appears they are doing exactly what they should with a sequel to an amazing game. Super stoked to play this!

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