Counter-Strike 2: Leveling Up The World

Counter-Strike 2: Leveling Up The World

Cleaner, brighter, better. Maps in Counter-Strike 2 are receiving upgrades and overhauls which leverage all of the new Source 2 tools and rendering features.

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  1. Kelton Schleyer says:

    Gabe: “What number is this one?”
    Employee: “Two.”
    Gabe: “Okay, yeah, let’s make it.”

  2. Mert says:

    Valve just casually dropping big news quietly like always… and I love it

    • SAN says:

      This has been rumored for a long long time, and was leaked a couple years ago.. It took them this long because they stopped working on it because they were trying to figure out a way to convert all the old mods over from Source 1 to Source 2 a lot in the coding has changed.

    • lukkasz323 says:

      @pszSmile Neither, it’s the old game ported to a different engine.

    • N G says:

      @ICE It’s Source 2 engine so they are making some big technical changes, it’ll just be CS same as always though. I’ll save my excitement for when they fix TF2, Jesus, that game’s FUCKED.

    • Jonathan_Payne says:

      ​@Thymicere i dont know

    • pszSmile says:

      @ICE how do you know? Do you have a source because I would like to know more

  3. Spiggle says:

    An engine that looked impressive when the L4D2 Plantation level screens leaked in 2014.. I mean it still looks good, but only one major game has been released on this engine (bar DOTA2) for all the time it’s been around, S&box doesn’t count because it’s not made by Valve. It’s just sad. Where’s L4D3?! That game needed a sequel ages ago as it’s so bare-bones.

  4. Abondend Hope says:

    That grenade effect blowing away the smoke is going to be a game changer.

    • Tomáš Hoang says:

      its good now u can check by grande if smokes are thrown for fake push or real push

    • Corkie says:

      For some even myself the smoke was a instant denier in early round when as a t, this will make molotovs a must for ct’s since smoke will no longer really work for a rush denier, at least in my opinion.

    • NinjapowerMS says:

      That’s crazy. I wonder if they would add more new stuff into tbr game now. It seemed like old engine is the only thing holding them back from adding new stuff likethat

    • Jim Smith says:

      and it looks like you can even shoot holes in the smoke now. Going to change CS 😀

    • jfrusciantetube says:

      like… literally

  5. Kanaan Lopez says:

    I like how they want their game to succeed by giving players what they want AND creating a map maker that will boost sales and leave the community happy

    • Gb says:

      Can’t wait to see the BIG texture improvements from the S1 maps coming to S2

      Especially those Zombie escape maps!

    • Arminas Gamer says:

      @Elbuarto they have steam the biggest and best festure rich pc gaming platform and they always provide quality so it should be self explanatory.

    • wrathchild says:

      I’m betting the actual map maker will be free, but you’ll be able to buy assets for it on the steam community market

    • kenneth kujala says:

      ​@Elbuarto in one point that Worked with Bethesda too 🙂

    • Elbuarto says:

      That’s how they make money. Valve creates a framework, tells the community to handle it and rakes in the money with minimal effort. Works every time, somehow.

  6. TEC_Black says:

    i genuinely love how they make the maps look so much better, yet keep the classic old style they were known to have

    only problem is that my pc may explode when playing these now

    • Jake Reid says:

      @TEC_Black cs2 definitely won’t need a 3090 to run it, valve games have always had very low requirements

    • TEC_Black says:

      @Magic00Squirrel yeah, that’s true. i was thinking they would definitely aim to add optimizations to that because i doubt every csgo player owns a nvidia 3090 graphics card

    • Magic00Squirrel says:

      Hopefully it will be fine since source 2 is a pretty well optimized engine. It needs to be in order to run VR, so hopefully that will carry over to CS2.

  7. DigiNeko says:


  8. Maksym 1222 says:

    I’m just happy that another competitive game will be enjoyable not only mechanically, but also visually.

    • Serveck says:

      @Суперзлодей Рафаам we played at 640×480 and we LIKED IT THAT WAY

    • Arminas Gamer says:

      @Суперзлодей Рафаам mid pc on fhd can run 200-400fps alrdy so idk what u on about. Also why u malding thats why there is silver ranks for u maybe some players wanna become good and win aoome cash cups or even become pro one day seems like skill issue.

    • MCCraftingTable Lmao says:

      fr i cant have more than 20 fps without using 800×600 and lower

    • AkaMiru says:

      I’m being attacked here 😭 I only play on 1024 x 768 because when I started I had such a shitty laptop and other rez made me dogshit somehow

    • Florin Silviu Horvath says:

      I hope cheaters will flick off in this game …or else F….

  9. Voltmain says:

    Finally, another series of Valve can be assigned to the series that do not yet have a third part.

  10. Bugtogs says:

    This is so exciting, I’m glad the time was taken to make an actual good game than just rushing it. I’m sure these new features will bring more techniques and tactics

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