Crane Introduces His Babies To His Human Best Friend Every Year | The Dodo

Crane Introduces His Babies To His Human Best Friend Every Year | The Dodo

Crane knocks on his human best friend’s door every day — then he introduces his babies to her and teaches them how to knock! 😂

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37 Responses

  1. GODDESS66 says:

    It’s always an honor to be chosen by any animal. Especially when they bring their young to you. This lady is a special and kind soul. Her getting that sign is a great idea. I hope the drivers will pay more attention now.

  2. cherry blossoms says:

    Isn’t it cool that an entire crane’s family comes to visit her everyday? I’d be so happy if an animal or bird did that to me. Like they’re placing their trust in you and its just so special. ❤

  3. Linda J says:

    What an incredible connection you all share. Animals/birds have a 6th sense about who is kind and trustworthy so to be adopted by wild animals is a HUGE compliment.

    • Leith Crowther says:

      Nonhuman animals do not have a special sense for kindness that humans don’t have. That would be impossible because kindness is not some measurable trait. If they did have such a thing, all meat animals would murder their keepers, knowing their intentions.

      Still a cute story, though.

    • themetzman says:

      The only connection is HUMAN = FOOD. That’s it, that’s where this whole connection is based on. And it counts for every single video where wild animals visit people over and over. It’s actually harmful to the animals since they lose their fear of humans and this can cause major problems.

    • Leith Crowther says:

      ⁠@themetzmanThis is also an overgeneralization. In fact, feeding these cranes is ILLEGAL, so we can presume the humans never fed them. Birds are social animals already, so it’s not weird for them to actually want to be around another creature because it’s THAT creature. It’s unusual for them to be curious about humans, maybe, but if they’ve never actually had a bad experience with a human yet then they might not have that fear of them.

      The thing neither of you seem to get is that, sometimes, weird and unusual stuff happens.

    • themetzman says:

      @Leith Crowther You can see them feeding the birds in this video… it’s food. It always is.

    • NotMe2day says:

      @MetzMan I watched several times and not once did I see her feed them… want to point out where you thought you *saw* that happened?!

  4. Baskerville Bee says:

    It’s a special experience when a wild thing trusts you enough to interact.

    • cc Rider says:

      It’s special when a person realizes a wild animal is the same as a caged animal.. one that is awaiting slaughter.

    • ÙwÚ says:

      well that went negative real fast (⁠ʘ⁠ᴗ⁠ʘ⁠✿⁠)

    • Lanthanum Lanthanium says:

      @cc Rider Without meat, you wouldn’t be alive. We would have all died during the worst of the ice age. It’s not sustainable to forage due to supplies running out, good example of this was Christopher McCandless, he couldn’t survive off the wild, so he ate meat.

    • Maureen Reagan says:

      Wild Things. They make everything…groovy.

    • Cetarial says:

      As long as it doesn’t have sharp teeth, atleast.

  5. Memorabilia Temporarium says:

    This lady was blessed to have these friends!

  6. Linda-louise Anthony says:

    Carl, Carla and Junior. This woman is amazing. We could all learn something from her. Making the signs and everything to try and educate people that these guys were here first and they deserve at the very least our respect. It was great to see even Junior bought his mate to show off when it was that time. How absolutely wonderful to be chosen by these majestic birds ❤

  7. Funny Coconut Animatics says:

    With the increase of people moving to Florida since Covid, and with more drivers and delivery services, it’s incredibly important to have patience and respect towards wildlife. I’m tired of getting angry about situations like this, and only hope people are more aware of their surroundings while driving ❤️

    • Sherri Ianiro says:

      It’s a relatively open area and you would think people would slow down seeing the water nearby.
      I rescued a turtle once on a busy road and I kid you not some of those cars actually drove faster when I waved to them to slow down.
      Luckily, a good Samaritan pulled over to help me (the turtle was huge) and it had a good ending.
      You need to be careful because people actually get killed rescuing wildlife by these crazy people!

    • Karey Smith says:

      Why do you get angry at all? People hit animals by accident.

    • Funny Coconut Animatics says:

      For several reasons. 1 – I carry some personal trauma growing up where kids have harmed animals for fun. (Kids who grow up with bad parents, so they take their frustrations out on innocent creatures) 2 – In a day and age where the pressure of delivery and impatience has caused many people behind the wheel to have a sense of urgency (Plus the dependency and distractions of phones for directions and notifications) 3 – The purpose of social media to inform the public, but only sharing bad news for reactions, with little to no solution that should follow. 4 – Because I strongly believe it’s my responsibility to try my best to be more alert in my surroundings while driving (especially in smaller town/park/neighborhood areas that are unfamiliar) which might have kids, pets or wildlife. It’s a mix of what I’m seeing and have experienced with the majority of the public, and honestly for selfish reasons for my reactions which I should take more responsibility for, but it’s difficult not to be upset when something or someone innocent is harmed, whether it’s on purpose or by accident (which is understood). That being said, you make a good point about pointing out why it upsets me. I think dwelling on situations like this only makes the situation worse. So I think the best thing now is to seek solutions – Encouraging younger drivers to be more aware of safe driving in areas that could have active wildlife, seek protection and care for threatened species due to various human activities, and finding more ways to merge wildlife studies with politics, because even though we can’t change the way the world operates today, we can hopefully influence the new generation to be more kind and conscientious in the environment they grow up in.❤‍🩹 @Karey Smith

  8. Flash Flame says:

    I love seeing them! So majestic. I like when they flutter their wings and jump and down in place…Thank you for sharing them …

  9. ThreePointOneFou says:

    It’s absolutely wonderful to see this woman having earned the trust of two generations of wild cranes.


  10. Sabrina PIttsley says:

    I have sandhills cranes that go up and down the neighborhood every morning. I love their chirping sound. They have their babies every year. Also this morning saw wild turkeys walking along with the cranes in the field across the street from my house. It’s a cool morning here in Florida. It was in the 50’s in Central Florida.

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